Lady Claims A Nigerian Police Slapped Her Buttocks- See Funny Nigerian Reactions


touch booty

DISCLAIMER: The Image above is not the real image of the article below!

So as social media platform, Twitter, was gloomy yesterday, all because of the different stories of killings in the States over the past few days, Nigerian Twitter was blooming with interesting tweets on the conducts of the Nigerian police.

While a tweep shared that the best interaction to have with a Nigerian police is to not have one at all, a lady replied, claiming that she has been hit on the buttocks by a police before, cause if she didn’t agree, they’d have her locked up.

Other tweeps shared their encounters with the Nigerian Police.

Truth be told, we the authors of YBL, Michael B. and Daniel O. have also had our fair share of meeting with Nigerian police officers, not just officer but officers – a story to be told another day. Hehe…

Meanwhile, read the tweets below:

touh booty

touh booty1

touh booty2

touh booty3

touh booty4

touh booty5

touh booty6

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