Woman Gives Birth To First Child At An Unbelievable Age of 72



Most of her family members thought that she was crazy to tell them she was going through the beautiful journey of pregnancy.

Normally, it’s a happy announcement for a woman to finally be bearing her own child. But Daljinder Kaur’s experience is extraordinary. She’s a first-time mom at age 72.

Daljinder and her husband have been married for 46 years but they were never lucky to conceive children on their early years as husband and wife.

At 70 years of age, Daljinder seeked medical advice and started taking fertility treatments. And just like a miracle, she got pregnant after two years! In fact, she also breastfeeds her child.

“At one point, the doctor told me that he had never met a woman more stubborn than me who was clearly wasting her money on the treatment. But I think my stubbornness and persistence paid off as I am a mother today,” Daljinder said.

“I was worried that I’d die by the time my son grows up, but Dr. Bishnoi asked me to be positive and instead concentrate on educating and giving Arman a bright future,” she said.

Though doctors were hesitant at first and refused to give fertility treatments to Daljinder because of her old age, she still insisted. Her stubborn nature rewarded her the most precious gift of all – her son.

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