Northerners to Replace Buhari due to Deteriorating Health,Osinbajo to be Sidelined -Herald


Nigeria may not be far from another coup d'etat as revelations has been made concerning plans to oust the incumbent government of President Muhammadu Buhari whose health conditions has worsened in recent times.
Information available  has disclosed that the possibility of Buhari not completing his tenure as Nigerian President alive is very high as informations has revealed that Buhari, who traveled to London some days ago to receive medical treatment has been diagnosed with Brain Cancer by his London medical team, an ailment which can kill its host within a short period of time if not treated properly at the developing stage.
Meanwhile our reliable source has revealed that as a result of Buhari's health uncertainties, some notable powerful politicians in the Northern part of the country have already concluded plans to overthrow Buhari's government and install another Northern Head of State. According to the disclosure, the Northerners who have already vowed that no Southerner can govern them again are afraid that what happened to late Umaru Musa Yar'adua during his time as President of Nigeria is likely to happen to Buhari. They are therefore desperate to avert the laid down constitutional principles which empowers Yemi Osibanjo, the current Vice President to assume office as the President of Nigeria should anything happen to Buhari, just like Goodluck Jonathan succeeded Yar'adua after his death. Going further, the source revealed that a heavy coup is being plotted among Northern politicians and top  ranking military officials of Northern origin to overthrow the incumbent government and install another of their kinsman to replace Buhari so as to make sure Osibanjo doesn't succeed Buhari whose health is already worsening. This development coupled with the unquenchable waves of Biafra restoration agitation that has already gone global  is the major reason why about 200 senior military officers were recently sacked from the Nigerian military, so as to ensure that all those who could be a stumbling block to their plots are rendered powerless. The source also revealed that the sacked military officers who were loyal to the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan are against the ethnic cleansing being executed against Biafrans by the Nigerian military at the command of President Buhari.
Most of the sacked military officers have already declared their total support for the restoration of Biafra as they have promised to make themselves available in defence of their fatherland should the Northerners, in their desperation to grab power and enforce Nigeria unity ignite another civil war in the country.

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