Hilarious Conversation Between a 419 Bank Scammer and An Igbo Woman (Listen)


What you are about to listen to is not a joke. I have not posted it for your amusement. If it amuses you, this isn’t my intention. I was ashamed after I listened to it. I was angry because the victim could have been anyone. Moreso, the victim could have been a naive foreigner. This THIEF is what Nigeria is breeding at the moment. He is a thief disguised as a talented fraudster. The boy has no excuse for trying to defraud a fellow Nigerian. Its more incredible how he tried to laugh it off.  Have a listen and make up your mind. Quite upsetting and embarrassing for Nigeria. And any Nigerian not embarrassed by this thief’s action must be ashamed and has a low moral compass. Laugh this off at your peril.

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