Check Out The Amazing transformation of These super stars


Amazing transformation of super stars (Actors and Actress)
Tom Hardy
in 2008 gained 43lbs of fats and muscles to act as  in Bronson
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Gained 30lbs of lean muscle in warrior 2011.
On  his buff warrior he gained 30 lbs ofmuscle in 2012 to act the dark knight rises.
Natalie Portmanan
in 2010 lost 20lbs to act as a professional dancer in black swan.

Another interesting one is Christian bale the batman guy in 2005 he gained 99lbs to act as bat man
In 2004, he acted in the mechanist.
Awesome transformation in 2013,he gained  43lbs of fats to act American hustle.

Matt Damon
 Never seen anyone like him, in 1996, he lost 50lbs to look emaciated in scene in courage under fire.
He gained 30lbs in 2009 in the informant.
In 2009 he lost 30lbs of fat and gained 15lbs of muscle in Invictus.

 I still wonder how he did it losing 38lbs to act as an AIDS patient in Dallas buyers club 2013.

Charlize Theron
Pretty and healthy weighed gained 30lbs to act as a serial killer in the monster 2003.

Lest I forget the singer and actor 50 cent
 Always admired him until I saw him in All things fall apart 2011, he lost a whole 60lbs to act as a star in his senior year of college who is diagnosed with cancer.

Rooney Mara in the girl with the dragon tattoo 2011 made many real piercings and  lost 15lbs.


And many more .
Anymore transformation we need to know make comments .thanks.

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