8 Major Points Toke Makinwa Raised Against Her Husband, Maje Ayide During Divorce Case


It must be pretty hard finding a husband these days! Toke Makinwa raised some pretty shocking and serious allegations against her ex-husband during her divorce fillings today, from the look of things the marriage looks and sounds very very very arranged, like 2 random people just got together and do whatever, there seems to be no iota of genuine love ever shared between these people. see her major allegations below:

1. The lady(Anita Solomon) Maje Ayida cheated on her with delivered a baby boy in United Kingdom. She presently lives with him in Toke and Maje's former Matrimonial home.

2. Maje claimed to not have money to take care of her & pay their bills, but was able to pay for Anita's upkeep and travel expenses to the UK to have their baby.

3. Following the birth of the child, Maje became physically and emotionally tied with his Babymama.

4. Prior to the Scandal, Toke was meant to sign an endorsement deal worth N20 million with a Telecommunication giant in Nigeria. However, following the widespread negative media publicity arising from Maje's adultery, the company withdrew from the deal with her.

5. Toke alleges that Maje continued in his adulterous acts after it became public and boasted on several occasions that he wished to have been married to someone else.

6. Maje took pride in doing whatever he desired, discussed his business dealings and took advice only from his Babymama.

7. Any slight complaint Toke made will result in Maje going on a rant, seriously nagging, and making use of vulgar abuses in the clear view of their domestic staff, Church members, neighbours.

8. She alleges that Maje also made threats to physically assault her. Living with him became uncomfortable and unconducive.

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