Unilag students subjected to sleeping outside as school shuts students out of hostel -photos


Ever since the resumption  of students in the university of lagos and the enforced indemnity  and reabsorption forms signed, the school management  are doing everything in their power to punish the students unjustly.
its been all hell  for the students  as the school decided  to lock a higher percentage of the student body out of the hostel  with the point being  no  squatters  or visitor should be allowed into the halls of residence even when they know the majority of students are squatters  due to the very limited spaces on campus...

This is what a student had to say;

"Exams are starting on monday. There's blackout
 Rain is falling
 Yet they don't allow people in the  hostels
Prices are now trippled  against the protest time even we have to buy soup 150 per bowl.
 I've been sleeping in classes since monday"

Another student had to say, 
"Dey seized deir ID card,snapped deir pictures , sent dem out under this rain
Even threatened to take them to sabo police station and dey signed undertaking for disciplinary actions to be taken on dem
 My frnds are currently under the rain"

See pictures of students sleeping outside 


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