The Foolishness Of Niger Delta Avengers And Stupidity Of Chevron By Proudlyngwa


On Thursday the fifth of March, Vanguard Nigeria reported that an oil platform belonging to chevron Nigeria was blown up by the Niger Delta Avengers, they promised taking the fight to gbamaturu kingdom, if he didn’t apologize via national dailies, as well as cripple Abuja and Lagos...

Did they stop to THINK:I doubt if the thought their actions through, except they had inside collabo with the Chevron workers, who shut down well heads before their operations, did they think of the immediate environmental effect it will have on their communities, that is if that is their community. Do this people know the byproducts of crude, do they know how the underground water system works?

Their DEMANDS might be Met; but it will take longer for their attack on Nature to wear off, that action was wrong and is highly condemnable.
THE EFFECT ON THE ECONOMY: According to a report, 1.5 billion naira will be lost daily. Will it stop the salaries of the President, Ministers, Governors or Senators?. Primary school teachers in Delta state are allegedly being owed 4 months, why do we always make the mistake that hitting public infrastructure always affects top government officials, it only attracts lip service.

THE MISTAKE OF THE FIRST AMNESTY PROGRAMME: America and Israel have a reason why they don’t negotiate with Terrorist. It never brings positive endings. Giving the militants monetary incentives was the worst mistake by the Nigerian government. WHAT ENCOURAGEMENT ARE YOU GIVING A GRADUATE OF THE SAME STATE WHO CHOSE PEN OVER GUN AND ITS STILL JOBLESS, WHEN A YOUTH LOOKS AT MILITANCY AND EDUCATION WHICH BECOMES MORE ATTRACTIVE? Establishment and empowerment should have been the norm.

My conspiracy Theory: An Igbo adage says, it is the rat in the house that shows the rat from outside the way. Whenever there is vandalization on oil installations, repair contracts are won by the indigeenes, who subcontract the jobs to bigger companies who have these oil workers and some politicians as stakeholders. Tenders are raised and different departments prepare budgets expecting kickbacks, the money goes around………
What stops these companies from taking preventive measures instead of reactive measures? Are we being told that in this period of unrestiveness , such an important platform was left unguarded.
Is the Chevron management telling us, they can’t afford long range night vision cameras with gprs capabilities? Are the oil companies letting us know they can’t employ bunker tactics to protect their installations? Abeg make we hear word. A big shame to CHEVRON TOTAL AGIP MOBIL AND SHELL.

BACKWARD AND INEFFICIENT POLICE: I don’t need to say much , other than Nigeria needs to disband its entire police force and contract policing to either Ghana or anybody else, they are just useless, lack digital footprint, moral bankrupt, embodiment of cluelessness and laziness, and I hope I added useless.

SO CALLED NIGER DELTA YOUTHS: Some of the Niger delta youths and IPOB members are always happy with this sort of news, my advice; see a psychiatrist. Asari, Tompolo, Ateke are millionaires today, you are busy wearing low waist and playing SCORO (Street cult). Your lands are being destroyed by your kinsmen, oil is losing its value as more nations discover crude. You are hailing them to scare investors away. POSTERITY WILL JUDGE YOU.

Lastly I would rather wish topics does not go beyond two pages and have meaningful contributions , than exceed ten pages and be filled with hate speeches, we need solutions not insults.

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