Unilag FM On-Air Personality, RealSkillz had a lot to say during his recent #EurekaThursdayShow where he blasted majority of Nigerians for being a group of erratic & pessimistic humans, as well as opportunistic parasites in the face of the recent subsidy removal & increase of petroleum pump price to 145 naira. In his opinion, Nigerians are just too scared of the initial hardship that we would need to face to take the country out of shambles that we have found ourselves. He also accused Nigerians who sell goods or offer various services of merely taking undue advantage of the announcing of 145 pump price to increase the price of their good & services in a bid to make ridiculous profit off the same Nigerians that they are going through this tough times with.

Just in case you do not have concise information on the rationales behind the federal government’s increase in the pump price, here’s Vice President Yemi Osibajo highlighting one of the reasons for the increase:

RealSkillz also criticized Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze stance who went hard on President Buhari on his Instagram page alleging that now is not the time to remove subsidy.

He said “If not now, then when? I totally disagree with Daddy Freeze. We as Nigerians need to stop procrastinating, we need to make the hard but necessary move now, not just for ourselves but for our generations to come who we would have failed if we are too lazy & scared to face the initial sacrifice we have to make for a better tomorrow.

He also labelled the NLC proposed strike a move by a couple of disgruntled men who are putting their personal ego ahead of the general good of the nation.

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