Football Legend Rivaldo, Warns Tourists 'Don't Come to Rio Olympics, You Risk Your Life


Brazilian football legend Rivaldo who memorably shone at the 2002 FIFA World Cup has warned tourists planning to visit Brazil this summer for the RIO Olympics to stay in their countries as they could endanger their lives, after a 17-year-old girl was shot dead in a robbery on a main road linking the city's airport with many Games venues. na Beatriz Pereira Frade was shot on Saturday morning by an armed gang on a main road known as the Yellow Line road connecting the city’s international airport with most of the Olympic venues. The girl was heading to the airport with her family members and a baby when she was hit by the bullet from the armed men.
This is not the first time violence, fights, death attacks have occurred in Brazil or it's football stadiums as the people and labour unions are unhappy with government over huge money spent on football and sports competitions while the poverty level in the land increases by the day.
Posting on Instagram, the 44 year old Rivaldo who lives with his family in the United States said, “I urge all of you who are planning on visiting Brazil or coming for the Olympic Games this summer to stay in your countries. You are putting your life at risk here.”
“This morning in Rio bandits killed this girl aged 17.
“Things are getting worse all the time in Brazil.”

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