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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Why Men Cheat From A Man's Point Of View - (@Olabodesaygee)

An uncle of mine said recently and of course I totally agree with him that, a man wants in his life just 3 things 
Full stomach
Empty balls
Hugh Ego   

Well I fully agree with this uncle of mine as a male gender needs just these 3 things from a lady/wife/girlfriend. But what happens when the female cannot give any of the three or is lacking or lagging in one or more? 
Well I have an answer already. The male in question CHEATS. You are asking why? Lemme explain.
Full stomach, you cook for him regularly and on time and you cook good food (not only noodles and egg).
Empty balls, you suck, f**k, molest and seduce him.
Hugh ego, all male have this ego that you need to rub or nurture all by respecting them. Dazall!
But when you don’t do one or more of these, then we tend to cheat. Not like I am supporting a man cheating on his wife or a guy cheating on his girlfriend but the female gender needs to work on themselves as well to be better.
Remove the “what a man can do a woman can do better” mentality from your head.
Need to be more dedicated as men, like women that are dedicated.
Need to be willing to learn.
Even the bible says the woman will support and not that they will be the head so why are you trying so hard to be the head? Women are too stubborn and some will even gladly open their mouth to say it. It is very bad for a lady and it is a Hugh turn off and can cause a man to cheat on you cuz you are always doing what he asked you not to do.
All in all I don’t support a cheating guy but we cheat because of some or all these reasons and more. So please the females work on yourselves. And guys there is no need to be in a relationship with a lady if you are gonna cheat on her, just tell her you wanna be a shareholder in her company, cuz a company can have many shareholders *winks* 

Note: if a guy is not in a relationship with you and he sleeps with other girls, it doesn’t mean he is cheating on you, you guys were never together, please get your facts right!!!

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