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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Unknown Men, Exhume and Escape With the Corpse of a Man Over Land Dispute in Lagos

It has been reported that a house on Popoola Street in the Bariga area of Lagos State, has been invaded by some suspected land grabbers who allegedly exhumed the corpse of a man who was buried 14 years ago. The corpse, which was identified as that of Alhaji Liadi Okeshola, was dug out on March 8th, 2015, and had yet to be found, which had thrown the children and other family members into confusion.
 It was gathered that the land grabbers, who reportedly came with hoodlums, also damaged the building’s gate, broke the doors and pulled down the walls as the matter was already reported at the Pedro Police Division, while the police arrested seven suspects in connection with the exhumation. However, the police has allegedly released the suspects the following day and had yet to brief the family on the progress of investigation.
 It was gathered that the family members wrote a petition to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, requesting the DC to withdraw the matter from the Pedro division because the station had not handled the matter well.
 In a copy of the petition, which was obtained by correspondents, the deceased’s son, Abraham Okeshola, said the suspects were threatening to kill him and his siblings if they did not let go of the matter.
 “This is a case of conspiracy, unlawful exhumation of my father’s corpse, breaking and entry to cause malicious damage. Another aspect is that the suspects are threatening my life and my siblings’. Some of the suspects are Americana and Akindele.
“On that day, I was not in Lagos. It was when I came back that the shocking news was relayed to me. Some people came to my family house on Popoola Street and broke the gate. They demolished our family house using some hoodlums armed with weapons. “On the following day, they tried to start work on my father’s property without the family’s permission. When I got to the place to see things for myself, I discovered that the burial ground of my late father had been destroyed. They have also exhumed the corpse and taken it to an unknown destination. “We reported the matter at the Pedro Police Station and the suspects were arrested. They told the police that they had sold the property for N100m. This was done without my knowledge. To my surprise, they were all released by the police. I want this matter investigated and the suspects punished.”
 Speaking with reporters, Akindele, however, described Abraham’s claim as false, saying the complainant should provide concrete proof that his father’s corpse was exhumed.
 “He is a liar. The house was demolished with his consent. He has signed a statement on oath in a court that the building should be demolished. There is still a case on this property at the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Adeniji-Adele. “He sold four plots of land belonging to his father. He is lying. I am not involved. I do not know anything about the corpse being dug out. Did he see me there? I have never been to Popoola Street.”

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