Seyi Shay Makes Another Epic Grammatical Blunder On Tv Calls 'EP' Electric Package Lol


Oh gawd! What does this girl smoke/drink before going for interviews? Forget Paris Hilton and Jessic Simpson, Seyi Shay has officially become the most ditsy celebrity in the world!
Barely two months after she embarrassed herself on national television for pronouncing the number 'two' as 'tuwoooh' - the singer has made another cringe worthy blunder.
The 30-year-old was a guest on  TV’s Trending and during the show she was asked by host, Nancy Isime, to give the full meaning of EP (Extended Play) - which she ought to know as a musician.

To the presenter's shock, Seyi said EP means 'Electric Package'. And she wasn't joking. She was for real! Watch the embarrassing video below.

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