Meet the World's Tiniest Stripper Who Has a Legion of Fans and a Hunky 6ft Boyfriend


Sassee Casee is the world's tiniest stripper with amazing body and a legion of fans who are ready to worship her every move. 
A s*xy woman has been crowned the world’s smallest pole dancer and she is ever determined to prove size should never be an issue.
Meet Sassee Cassee, 25, who is no taller than an 18-month-old baby and weighs just over three stone, and was once told she’d never make it in the competitive world of stripping and pole dancing. Now, the 2ft 10in star is living her dream life.
She now earns up to £3,000 as a headline act, impressing people around the world with her impressive gymnastic skills, and has bagged herself a hunky 6ft boyfriend.
Sassee explained:
“I was born to be the world’s tiniest pole dancer. I love it.
“People are either shocked, stare in awe, think I’m a kid or are fans that follow me all over the USA to watch me perform.
“Being a little person hasn’t stopped me achieving my goals.”

Sassee was awarded the title of World’s Smallest Pole Dancer by The Record Holders Republic and said she was “thrilled” with the accolade.
She said:
“I deserve it. I have beaten the odds to achieve my success and I want people big or small to do the same.”

Born in Minnesota, US, as Cassandra Canata her mum Linda and dad Terry, both 48, are normal size and exceptionally proud of their daughter.
 Sassee has a 25-year-old sister who is also a little person as well as three half-sisters and one step-sister who are all normal size. She was diagnosed with cartilage-hair hyperplasia – one of the shortest forms of dwarfism which causes a disorder of bone growth characterized by short stature and other skeletal abnormalities. She has fine, sparse hair and an abnormal immune system function.

Like all people with her form of dwarfism she has unusually short limbs and abnormally flexible joints. Many doctors said her particular form of dwarfism could limit her life span and capabilities.
However the flexibility which doctors feared would affect her ability to play with other children because of the chances of her bones slipping from their sockets has been the key to her amazing success.
It’s also why she has incredible upper body strength and the ability to do backflips, handstands, hang upside down and hold herself at right angles to the pole.
Sassee recalled: “At school I was teased and made fun of, but when I did gymnastics and showed I was better than some of the normal size kids I gained acceptance.
“I exercised and developed my muscles – my flexibility gave me an edge. “I also played adapted soccer and hockey and was determined not to let being small hinder my life.
“As a kid I was always horrifying my parents by shimmying up and down flag poles. “I guess it’s why I was always destined to be the world’s tiniest pole dancer.”

A friend introduced Cassee to pole dancing as a form of exercise when she left school at 18.
She said
: “I wanted to do something different and stay as fit as I’d been at school. “I took to it immediately and after appearing on a television show I was approached by an agent. “He told me I would be a hit in the clubs – I wasn’t sure but decided to give it a go. “I didn’t want to do anything rude but I wanted a challenge. “When I first started on the club scene people were convinced I was a child, but word soon spread on the Internet about this amazing tiny pole star.
“My agent and I were inundated with emails and suddenly I was booked solid and more sought after than many of the normal girls who have had Bosom  implants and extensive surgery.”

Sassee usually only takes jobs as the headline performer, taking the place of girls who are 6ft tall in heels on the main stage.

She explained
: “People put little people or so-called midgets or dwarves into a certain category.
“We have to be elves at Christmas or munchkins in plays. “But I am taking on the big girls. “Pole dancing takes stamina, strength and amazing control. “I even have pole dancers who are what we call ‘normal size’ asking me to teach them moves. “There is no nastiness between us, we all get on well. “The bigger girls love lifting me on their laps for a good old gossip.”

Sassee told how the audience are usually shocked when she backflips onto the stage and climbs the pole dressed in a sexy bikini outfit before twisting, twirling, doing parallel lifts and moves pole dancers three times her size struggle to master.
She has two signature moves she created herself – the ‘Koala Pole Climb’ and a ‘Little Person Twerk’.
By the time she’s finished her routine the entire room erupts, including her 6ft boyfriend Stephen Kane. Sassee, who admits to having a thing for tall men, was married in her early 20s but has since divorced.
She said
: “My previous partner was 5ft 10, but Stephen’s the man for me.
“I met him through friends and he wasn’t put off by my small size. “He likes the fact I have get up and go and have taken life by the horns and don’t let anything stop me.
“I think Stephen used to be a bit jealous of people watching me perform, but now he is supportive and very proud. “He sometimes acts as my bodyguard and loves to cheer me on.”

She added size certainly doesn’t matter when it comes to the bedroom. She admitted:
“We keep things hot and I’m very flexible.”

Sassee said people do have a tendency to stare when they walk down the street but the couple deal with it by passionately kissing each other.
She joked: “People do a double take, we have a big laugh.”
Sassee’s rise to global fame hasn’t been without problems; she’s had to undergo a number of operations including surgery on her hips, back and more recently a gall bladder removal.
She said: “Sometimes if I have overdone it during a performance I need a few days break from exercise.
“I have regular check-ups and a normal life – I am not disabled, I’m just small.”
Being a global star Sassee gets thousands of fan letters and emails from the UK and is planning to visit to perform in London and meet with charities for Little People.
She said: 
“I’d love to do a tour there or just visit.
“It’d be great to perform in the top London Clubs – perhaps Prince Harry would be in the audience!
“Seeing Big Ben and Buckingham Palace would be awesome. “Until then I try to keep up with fan questions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”
One of her ultimate goals is to pose for Playboy.

She quipped: “If it’s good enough for stars like Drew Barrymore, Kim Basinger and Bo Derek, what about me?”
Sassee is now working on a documentary about her life and wants people of all shapes and sizes to follow their dreams.

She explained: “People told me I shouldn’t pole dance or strip because I am a little but I have turned it into a career.
“I love my body and my body image. I have a butt to rival a Kardashian and I am proof little people can be sexy and talented. “Working the pole is fun, keeps me fit and is making me a fortune.
“Some people might look down at what I do but pole dancing is soon going to be an Olympic sport and I find my work empowering.
“I don’t criticize other people’s jobs so I ask that they don’t criticize mine.
"I consider myself very blessed. I am doing a job I love, I have a world record, a wonderful family and I am proof no matter how small you are, if you try hard enough your hopes and dreams can come true.”

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