Finally: A Mattress That Will Let You Know if Your Partner is Cheating on You Invented!


The Spaniards are combining technology and comfort. In the process of technological advancement, they have invented an intelligent mattress that lets you know if your partner is being unfaithful.

The whole idea has come from a Spanish company, Durmet, located in Ordes, A Coruña. Durmet, dedicated to mattresses manufacturing, promises to its customer that every time their partners make them fools, the intelligent mattress will send an alert on their phone with the message “mattress in use.” The name of the mattress is “The Smarttess.” It was presented on April 13 in Madrid with the slogan “To be able to rest at night and day.” The company said that the mattress can differentiate between the movement of “sex” and children or a pet jumping on the mattress. The price ranges between 1,550 and 2,050 euros, depending on size, and can be purchased through the web.

The mattress was designed with high technology and because of so much infidelity of the Spaniards. According to statistics, the Spanish are the most unfaithful people in Europe.

Finally, God catches the cheaters  Shocked Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Grin Grin

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