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Yet Another Protests Rock Unilag Over Bed Bugs (Photos)


This week there has been another protest in the university of lagos, but this time its not water, nor fire but the irritating and continous suffering from the bites of bed bugs in the university hostel

The protest which started from Marire hall  to New hall comprising of Sodeinde hall, Eni Njoku ,Makama Bida hall, madam tinubu hall, Fagunwa hall. The female halls failed to join the protest because they were not allowed out   Sodeinde being the Front of any protest was unusually  was not  the first point of call for the protesters, after Minutes of argument with security, hall executives, the gate was finally opened for sodeindites to join the protest.

Bed bug as We know is a daily companion but what seem to have broken the carmel’s back is an incident where a Mariere resident “Balubite” screamed from sleep, and his room mates discovered over 100 bugs over his body and bed, this was a major Fuel to this bug.
Protesters who spoke under condition of anonymity claimed that “Sniper” had become a daily routine before sleep, one of such respondents claimed that his  room mate was recently rushed to medical centre because he could not breathe properly because of the smell of “Sniper” from investigation Bed buds have immunity from “sniper” as they are very much resistant to it power.

 One can not but wonder the efficacy of the last Fumigation, as it seemed to have  strengthen bed  bugs, little wonder why Sodeinde hall of residence has a debating topic as “The recent Fumigation has done more Harm than good!  The school management must rise to the occasion and ask the contractor Why they chose to mix too much water to their chemical and also why they chose to be Fradulent, for many weeks after fumigation the smell continued but it was not effective: rooms without bed bugs became infested with bugs, your sincerely
killed one  bed bug on his shirt upon covering this report.

See more photos below;

All Credit to One of Unilag’s Greatest Bloggers: UNILAG HYPE


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