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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Luxair Travels and Tours.


Luxair Travels and Tours as an online/offline traveling outfit is concern with a primary aim to assist you with high quality career guidance to ensure your dream to study abroad is met with stupendous success. Our strength lies in highlighting the most optimal path in helping you achieve your career ambitions.



Based on our experiences of providing counseling services to oversea education aspirants, here are ten reasons why you should choose and prefer us above other traveling agencies.

1. Award-winning service comes as standard

 Gain confidence from being backed by an award-winning team. Luxair as a brand over the years has received a variety of awards and accolades and proudly, we can say: the future is looking very bright!

2. Small enough to care, large enough to deliver excellence

We are a firm led by experienced partner team and numbers of skilled and qualified team members. As an independent firm we are able to build close Partner-led client relationships and respond proactively to your individual needs. We also invest heavily in training and development to equip our team with the skill-sets needed to add value to your business and personal position.

3. Trusted advice, imaginative solutions

We are more than just number crunchers. We treat every situation as unique and will build a team around you to deliver imaginative, educational advice that you can trust. What really sets us apart is that we are not afraid to question the ‘norm’, and to ask you ‘what if’, in order to find innovative ways to lift your business performance and/or personal wealth.

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4. Access to global opportunities

Whether you are contemplating an Academic tour in Asia, a study abroad programme in Eastern Europe, an Internship and Visa processing to South America, or initiating an adventure in the United States, as a forward-looking and a reputable travel company, we call on an award-winning alliance and partners to quickly source the most qualified specialist in any region or country of your choice.

5. Adding value, not complication

We aim to ensure clear, transparent travelling and provide a letter of engagement prior to beginning our work to clearly make you aware of the fees. Ultimately, we believe in offering a high quality service, at a great value for your investment.

6. Technology driven and experts in the cloud

We are driven by technology and continually seek solutions to improve your traveling experiences efficiency and performance. We know which apps to use in keeping your details secured more efficiently, and can provide impartial, trusted security.

7. An accessible team

As a brand, Luxair Travels and Tours with our team working under one roof it means that it is easy to stay in touch with your team, and our specialists can work together to provide a joined up, seamless service anywhere and everywhere.

8. Ensuring your smooth transition

We write on your behalf and carry out our pain-free on-boarding process to ensure that everything is as it should be and that you are familiar with your new team of advisors.

9. Specialists for when you need that extra knowledge

Luxair has a number of teams providing specialist services and advice. These include the IT, Communication, Travel Advisories and the Traveling Management team.

10. Keeping your finger on the pulse

Throughout the year we keep our clients updated with regular email news updates, various research reports and guides and via our regular website blog articles. This means you can easily stay on top of key educational programs, academics tours, Internship, Study Abroad programmes and skills Acquisition developments.


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