Youth and Governance : A wake up call


The future of any nation they say is its youth.

What happens when the youth don’t see themselves as the future? Nigeria?

The sweet tales of the Nigeria of yester-eras seem like a distant memory away, more like a story told to the younger generations. A story with no happy ending, a story meant to inspire us to aspire yet many would rather expire that story in their minds. My generation will say “all that tori just enter from my right ear and vamoose from the other one” nobody wants to be a part of a sad uninspiring story except our current crop of leaders and politicians though. A story we’re currently living in.

Where are the visionary youths with communal interest of governance for the greater good of the nation in mind? Carrying passion in their hearts to see and live in a better and working Nigeria.
The Nigeria dream has been dreamt now is the time to wake up and achieve it. No one ever achieved their dreams and aspirations by sleeping. We need to wake up and get to work, we need to speak out and be heard, we have to take a stand and be counted. I refuse to be a party to the (go to school – graduate - get a well paying job - get married - move into your rent free house in a high brow estate - afford to spend the summer on the sands of Abu Dhabi, Miami and Macau bi yearly - comfortably sow seeds and retain front row pew seats in church and being honored with a deaconry title) such a selfish and archaic way of life… we need to work on our thinking processes as youths lest we fall into the same category of the experienced ones that have brought us this far.
The Nigerian dream should be a collective effort of youths and older Nigerians moving the nation forward not supplanting a god father’s farm. Our process of thoughts should be ground breaking innovative ideas not cyber criminalism. we have a couple of young leaders ready to stand and stage a fight against this looters, ready to start the process of a functioning Nigeria… yes, we are in the minority. This minority is the future of the nation and unless we want to continue breaking new records in mediocrity we must speak up, stand out and be counted, together we will take our Nigeria back and forge on to greatness. Five thousand naira, 4 yards of Ankara, a set of T shirt and face cap and a bulb of onions won’t feed you for 4 years! Sadly some will still collect it, it’s your duty as a learned individual to talk sense into them and make them see the light not just sit in your balconies and tweet about it! These looters will seek many ways to buy you off, dangle money in your face, promise you heaven on earth and blah blah blah, how old are you now? You should know better!
Many have been made to think governance is for the aged (well for many years it has seemed so, now is the time to take it back), while the youth follow blindly. Barrack Obama, Sheikh mansour and Emmanuel Macron are living testaments of vibrant youths leading and leading well from the premier seat of power.

Wealth does not define a man (we live in a disposition where a rich man has the best ideas because he hovers over everybody when he stands on his wallet ) a rich man is seen as a successful person, a resourceful and a wise thinker! Many times it is not so, but the average Nigerian youth does not because nobody wants to hide their face and we all want a super shot for the gram…. Well, speak up on your gram, mobilize on the gram, educate on the gram and soon the ‘e go better’ prophecy will come to pass.
The youths need to get involved in everyday politics and the running of the affairs of this nation. Soon we’ll wake up with Chinese names imposed on us… you might be amaka li!
There is going to be stumbling blocks along the way, we are going against the norms of our land. We are standing up to people that expect us to take whatever they throw at us and say thank you sir. Stay strong and hold your ground your future is at stake here… let me guess you can’t afford to get the visa and ticket, can you?

The energy and enthusiasm you use to find, engage and scam that client online…. spent on forecasting on European and American leagues, to deceive and woo that girl/guy just to get in their pants… like a  popular singer once said ‘‘if niggas put half the energy they use in chasing pussy into a trade they’ll be far from poor’’ use that energy and enthusiasm to gain knowledge about this country, use it to strategize on how we can dethrone all this old men looting away our country… Looting away our future.
What many of us fail to remember is that there is no place as home; Nigeria is all we got, whether efik, Fulani, tiv, ogoni, ibo or Yoruba. No matter how technologically advanced and clean the streets you’re walking on in Diaspora is… your heart is at home! That’s why you regularly check the news about Nigeria, that’s why you secretly hope things can get better at home so you can come back and be a king amongst your kin here! We have so many doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals making Nigeria proud all over the world. It’s time to bring that knowledge home, bring that experience home… together let’s send this looters packing and start re writing our story as the giant of Africa that we once were…..

Finally, Super eagles it’s time to soar again, first we must wake up and shake off all that holds us down only then will we soar!

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  1. Well...I feel most youth are not interested and those interested cant do it alone. Most youth look out for their financial gain rather than what's to come or how will it affect my future or she is a girl she cant do it or he is young what does he know or hope they will make it with music and have no worries. Youth have to be re oriented before change can occur


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