VIDEO: Nigerian man proposes to his girlfriend in public, he gets a filthy slap


A young fellow arranged a proposition to be engaged at the Ikeja City Mall in Lagos which is typically loaded with exercises on ends of the week. 

As many clients approached their organizations, he all of a sudden went on his knees and drew out a wedding band to propose to his light-cleaned sweetheart.
To his inconsiderate stun, the woman who didn't sound excessively capable of being heard in a viral video shouted at him and landed him a messy slap that made them tumble to the ground. 
She continued demanding she would humiliate him as she approached on-lookers to come listen to her. 
The young fellow who couldn't trust his eyes crept on the floor in absolute disfavor as he attempted to speak to the woman who wasn't prepared to listen to him. 
The video recording of the amiss occasion has been slanting on Instagram for a few hours with web based life clients attempting to unwind the personalities of the two gatherings and the reason for the dramatization that resulted. 
Watch the video cut beneath:

- Unconfirmed : Proposal Gone Wrong, in ICM Ikeja between a boy and his girlfriend .

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