Sunday, 29 January 2017

1/29/2017 06:57:00 am

Uche Elendu has finally spoken up since former beauty queen, Sandra Chichi Ekwusiobi revealed she is in a relationship with the actress’ husband.
Recall that in September, the former Queen of Aso took to her Instagram to brag about being the first female to own a 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class in Lagos, a car which previously belonged to Uche Elendu’s husband, Ogochukwu Igweanyiba aka Prince Nku. Later, in November, she confirmed her relationship with the billionaire businessman by posting their photos on her SnapChat.

Sandra Chichi and Prince Nku
Sandra Chichi and Prince Nku

Earlier speculations was that Prince Nku’s marriage to Elendu had packed up following a rumour that she cheated on him, but the actress has spoken up for the first time, insisting that she is still married to Prince Nku, even though he publicly claims Sandra Chichi as his partner.

Here is what she told punch: 

 “There is nothing happening. My marriage is intact. People are entitled to their opinion and they are allowed to dwell in other people’s marriage and tell them what is going on because as far as I am concerned, they are the ones telling me that my marriage has hit the rocks because I am not aware. It has always been my motto not to bring my personal life to the public. 
The things that are supposed to be made public are made public and those things that should be private are kept private. When I was getting married, I made it public so when I am tired of my marriage or when my marriage does not work for me anymore, I would let them know. But for now, they are telling me and I am just listening. By God’s grace everything is fine with my marriage. For now, everything is perfect. 

“I don’t comment when people lay claims that my marriage is in trouble because I see such as idle talk. I don’t know why people derive so much pleasure in meddling in my business and private life. Whether what they say is true or not, I don’t think it is anybody’s business. I don’t have any business replying them because I don’t owe them that explanation. Whatever I go through in my marriage, I pass through alone and nobody is with me when I go through them. Whatever I gain from my marriage, I gain alone so what is the point?”


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