Thursday, 14 July 2016

7/14/2016 07:57:00 pm

'Despite Lagos State Government's plan to transform public schools into exemplary places of learning, the students of Immaculate Heart Comprehensive Junior High School are subjected to daily menial jobs whilst they should be busy in classes as early as 9am to 11am.

Instead of employing labourers, the school authority instead orders the students to leave their classes and walk as far as 500 meters to fetch water for the school and teachers as they presently do not have any source of water in their school compound. What is even more scary is that these children who have no sense of danger run into the ever busy Bush Street in Mende where cars move at high speed.
Some of the students said the MAN-NO-WAR in the school usually ask them to go and fetch water for toilet and other use.They also said their Vice Principal is aware, though they said they can't remember her name.
A resident of Mende Maryland who works in a car wash  confirmed that the students come to fetch water from their car wash, he said that the students (including girls) are usually sent out to go and look for water to fetch and they come in batches.
Ironically, Immaculate Heart Comprehensive Junior High School is a stone-throw away from headquarters of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).  SUBEB is in charge of both the Primary education up to the Junior Secondary School level and have a total of 1001-primary schools and 339 Junior Secondary Schools under their purview
Their primary focus is to create a conducive environment for quality teaching and learning through the provision of infrastructure, capacity building and support for Local Government Education Authorities LGEAs in collaboration with stakeholders'.

Do we have people living around the area here?Have you come across students leaving school to fetch water for their teachers and others?


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