Monday, 2 May 2016

5/02/2016 08:33:00 am

We really have to be careful especially with sealed products like this even when they are made by reputable/ big manufacturing companies! Who would have thought this carton of 5 Alive, manufactured by the Nigerian Bottling Company (Coca Cola Company), with expiry date of December 2016 written on it would have such harmful debris inside? 

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Going by the comments and replies to the tweet, this person is not the only one to encounter such inside "packaged" drinks made by supposedly reputable companies in Nigeria...

I wonder what the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), NAFDAC and other Quality Assurance agencies are doing to put this under control and sanction the concerned companies. The lives of Nigerians should not be played with like this. Imagine if the person didn't first pour it in a glass before drinking? Now, imagine the number of other people who have consumed theirs like that plus the germs...Too many avoidable deaths in this country -so help us God!


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