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Off the yet to be titled DMW album, Here’s a single featuring ‘Davido’ & 2016’s breakout star/Headies rookie of the year ‘Mayorkun’, filmed in Lagos, Nigeria by Unlimited LA & audio produced by Fresh Beatz!

Watch below.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Breaking: Bomb explosion rocks the University of Maiduguri mosque, many feared dead

A bomb has exploded at the mosque of the University of Maiduguri, Borno state. According to multiple reports, many people are feared dead.

The tragic incident occurred in the morning on Monday, January 16.

While the number of those feared dead and those injured has not been confirmed, there is suspicion that this was caused by Boko Haram terrorists.

Some students and members of staff had gone to mosque for early morning prayers when the bomb exploded.

Security operatives have been mobilised to the scene of the explosion.


RRS nabs Fraud Kingpin, syndicate members in Lagos State, recover fake dollars

Okadigbo while confessing to being a fraudster who operated by pretending to be herb seller in parts of the metropolis denied being the leader of the syndicate traced to him.

According to him


“It is true they used my shrine and office. They bring their victims there but everybody operated on their own. They all assemble there but everybody managed their group.

Although, the fake dollar they use is mine but I don’t know anything about this job for which they have been arrested”.

“I operated by selling herbs but I market quick money rituals to people as well as herbs for people looking for children. I do spiritual bath for clients and that is how I defraud people and make my money”, he disclosed.
Christain Odokor, the leader of the Ikorodu fraudsters, in his confessional statement said, “we robbed her (Joy) about a year ago.


We took all she had from him including the sum of N300,000:00 and recharge cards of all networks worth N120,000:00 Okadigbo is our master whom most of us report to at least thrice in a week.

All of us, about nine groups that I know report to him. We operated in different parts of the metropolis”, he added.

“He is so powerful and fiery that no police dare to arrest him. Now, I was shocked seeing him here with us in your custody”, Odokor said.

Another member of the team, Toyin Idebi, 25, said that greed made her join the gang two years ago. “I was a stylist and doing well before I joined them. When I saw how they were spending money on ladies like me, then I moved closer to them to know their secret.

Initially, they were reluctant to tell me their job as they just told me they were into export and import business. I pressed on till one of them asked me if I can keep a secret. He opened up and I joined them”.

She continued,

“My main job was to act as someone who was carrying foreign currencies who didn’t know her destination. Though, those currencies were fake but I didn’t how Okadigbo got them.


While recounting her ordeal, the victim said,” It was on Wednesday afternoon, January 13th 2016 on my way to market. The lady amongst them flagged me down by calling Sabo passengers from Ikorodu garage .

When I saw the lady sitting and calling for prospective passengers I never thought otherwise. Immediately I hopped in and sat down beside her. I saw three other men inside the car.

Suddenly as we were progressing, the lady begged me to help her with my phone to make phone calls giving excuse that she had no call card on hers.

“As a lady, I handed over my phone to her and she made two separate calls with my phone. As we moved a bit far more, the driver detoured the journey to unknown destination.

I queried the driver where he was taken me to, he refused to respond. Suddenly, they pulled over in the middle of the way, the driver pointed gun at me and the lady showed me knife to cooperate.

They ransacked my bag and removed the whole money with the recharge cards, and they sped off”, she added.

Confirming the incident, the State’s Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, Dolapo Badmus, said that the Command will not rest on its oars until it rids the state of bad elements and reduce the criminal activities in the state to the bearest minimum.

She added that the kingpin and his gang members would be charged to court upon completion of investigation.

The suspects have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigation.

“I regret accepting rapper Ikechukwu’s marriage proposal” – Ex Fiancee, Sarah Ofili

Rapper, Ikechukwu’s former fiancee Sarah Ofili has reacted to the former’s recent allegations that she was cheating on him with his friend, Terry the Rapman.

Killz, as Ikechukwu is fondly called, was on a radio show last week where he accused After Killz (as he’s called by fans) was on a radio show and suggested that Sarah had been cheating on him with Terry tha Rapman, all hell broke loose on social media with Terry and Joy Madaki (his sister who’s Sarah’s best friend) both taking shots at Ikechukwu.

Ikechukwu had said, “Perfect example, you wanted the limelight. You have Killz (Ikechukwu)… (taking) you everywhere like on a mantlepiece, carrying her everywhere like, ‘you must build this profile, you must give this girl name…then you free that and then you went to go f*ck with Terry.

What the f*ck does he have?”

But Miss Ofili took her chance to fire back at Killz this weekend when she was on Happenings Radio to talk about broken engagements.

She suggested that she was deliberately put in a situation where she couldn’t say no by Ikechukwu when he proposed to her.

“I accepted his proposal because of pressure…he proposed in public because he knew if he had done it in private, it was likely I would have said no. I wish I said no but poo happens… I broke off the engagement because he was a pathological liar…

He’s old but he still hasn’t grown up. If he’s still thinking about his ex after four years, I pity the girl he’s currently dating,” she said.

An open letter to Tonto Dikeh/Churchill, Prince Eke/Muma Gee and Ibinabo Fiberesima

An Open Letter to Tonto Dike/Churchill, Prince Eke/Muma Gee and Ibinabo Fiberesima

Prince Eke/Muma Gee
I read with disappointment an article online that confirmed you granted another interview about your marriage crisis. You were quoted to have said…

Till now, there is no time my mother-in-law has called me to apologise for her daughter’s behaviour. I guess they already know her antecedents. This is a woman who gave birth at an old age. I wonder what the person that is deceiving her is giving her or telling her. (The Punch)

If you said this, then I will advise you to stop it. Don’t talk about you wife in that
manner. Don’t drag family members into your marital issues. Talking about your marriage crisis on social media will not earn you sympathy, rather it will earn you reproach. Be very cautious with what you say so you don’t ruin a chance of a reconciliation.

How can you call your wife an old woman? Didn’t you know she was old when you married her? You ask what the man dating her now is giving her. It is that same thing that you gave her. It is that same thing you told her, that is what the present man is telling her too. My advice is, if you want your wife back, go after her. Stop granting unnecessary interviews. Learn from Teebliz’s mistake.


Prince Eke

You are a fine young man, with a good career. I personally love watching your movies cos you always interpret your roles so well. Truth be told, some young women around you will be praying for you to propose to them right now.

But I have one advice for you, try to make your marriage work. You already have 3 kids with Mum Gee.
For the sake of those innocent children, consider a reconciliation. Children from broken homes go through a lot of emotional trauma. Please have a rethink and stop granting interviews.

For Muma Gee, all I can say is that I am disappointed in you. As a mother, abandoning your children in the hands of a nanny is irresponsible. From all indication, you went to Abuja against your husband’s wish. This is very wrong. But if you had to go at all cost, you would have made arrangement to go with your kids and stay as long as you want.

Nobody is blaming you for working on a new album. Music is your source of livelihood, but your kids should be your priority. We all know that children under 16 need their mothers more than they need their fathers. So it was irresponsibility on your part to abandon those children.

Do not play with your marriage. You do not know how blessed you are to have Prince Eke as a husband. He may not be a perfect man, he may not earn as much as you do, but he is certainly a blessing. Love him, respect him and try to make your marriage work.

Every woman needs a companion, just as every man needs a companion. You were single for many years before you eventually got married, so I am sure you know what loneliness is. Don’t tell me you have forgotten so soon.

Don’t let any man pull out of your marriage. He may turn to be your worst nightmare, then it will be too late. Think! Muma Gee think!

Tonto Dike/Churchill Olakunle
Hmmmm! What can I say to these two beautiful couple? Both of you look so good together and it breaks my heart to hear stories of infidelity and marriage crashing. My dear Churchill, if stories flying around is true, I beg you to retrace your steps.

Do not destroy your marriage because of another woman. No matter how beautiful or attractive that woman is, it doesn’t worth destroying your marriage. If she has given you love portion to make you lose your senses, I declare you free this minute, in Jesus mighty name.

If you are just being carried away out of your own stupidity, I pray God almighty to grant you wisdom this minute in Jesus name. No woman is worth destroying your marriage for. Please please and please stop this. Mend your marriage. There is nothing as a perfect marriage. You both have got to make it work.


The devil is attacking marriages these days. This explains the high rate of divorce. There are unconfirmed rumours that you have been married before to Bimbo Coker and divorced in 2012. Though no news of having a child with her. Please don’t ever dream of marrying a third woman or having children from different women. It is not a rosy experience. Ask 2face and 9ice, they will tell you their regrets.

So retrace your steps before it is too late. Stick to the woman who has a son for you now. The woman you legally married. Reject that devil that has come in form of a pretty woman. Reject it and bind her out of your life forever.

You came into limelight after marrying Tonto Dike. Before now nobody knew you, even with your billions. It is one thing to have money, it is another thing to be popular and be on the pages of the newspaper every day. Nobody knew chief Adeleke even though he was an oil magnet, until his son Davido became a household name.

Listen to me ‘Big Church’, if you ruin your marriage with Tonto Dike, your five minutes fame will be over. If you doubt me ask Philip Ehiagwina, Ini Edo’s ex-husband and Almaroof, Funke Akindele’s ex. Since their marriages to their celebrity wives collapsed, their 5 minutes fame vanished. They are no longer in the news. They have gone back to where they belong. Take it or leave it. if you allow your marriage collapse because of what is under another woman’s laps, you will go back to where you belong. Be wise.

Tonto Dikeh
To Tonto Dikeh, all I can say to you my ‘yummy mummy’, is to forgive your Mr. X. Forgive your King Kong and mend your marriage.

Don’t let the hurt in your heart destroy what both of you have shared. Don’t forget you have a son together. My wish is for both of you to have many more sons and daughters. Fight for your marriage and don’t let any strange woman take what rightfully belongs to you.

I applaud you for apologising to Mercy Johnson. It takes courage to do that. This is sign that you now understand life better. Close your ears to all those criticizing your actions. The likes of Victoria Iyama are just jealous. Mercy Johnson also deserves a standing ovation with the maturity with which she handled it. She earned my respect.

Ibinabo Fiberesima

I have never been a fan of Ibinabo, especially with the AGN brouhaha between her and Emeka Ike in the recent past and the way she managed the accident crisis that took the life of a medical doctor. But I was touched by her last birthday message. Part of it read …

From the shock of a 3 time presence of lumps in the breast to surgeries fighting for my life and the pain of a dissolution of a bond I hoped to keep with a life time partner and the re-emergence of singleness. From the tension of awaiting a judges pronouncement to the horror of walking into prison over a cross accidentally acquired and carried for so long.

After reading this portion, it dawned on me that everybody has personal struggles, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, young or old, man or woman.


It is very important that we watch what we say to people cos we may never know what they are struggling with every day. All I can say to you is to stay strong. You are blessed with 3 children and there can be no greater blessing than that. True every woman needs a companion, but you are better off a single mother than to be in an unhappy marriage.

Besides, it is not too late to remarry. You are just 43. Liz Benson remarried at 45 and I am sure she is happy. Keep your hope alive and always remember that you are not alone in your struggle. Many women are going through the same situation right now. But whatever has a beginning will surely have an end.

God bless us all.
Mary Jacob

Zimbabwean Police arrests Prophet who said President Mugabe will die this year

Last week, the leader of Kariba Church in Zimbabwe, Prophet Patrick Mugadza was quoted to have said:

‘I just want to tell you something concerning the year 2017. It is a very special year because of number seven and at the same time also, 2017 collides with 37 years by which Zanu PF has been ruling this beautiful nation of Zimbabwe, but something is going to be happening also, which is very critical for us to know. It was on the 26th of December 2016 when I was in prayer and God said to me this coming year 2017 the President is dying and he told me that he is dying on 17th of October.’

According to Zim Eye, the controversial prophet was arrested this morning outside the Harare Magistrates Court where he had gone for his routine remand hearing.

He’s being accused of undermining the authority of the president.

Regina Askia Shares Cute Photos Of Her Daughter Contesting In The Miss New York Teen 2017

Regina Askia‘s daughter, Tessa Williams, is following in her mum’s footsteps with hopes of being a beauty queen.

The 15-year old model is representing Staten Island in the 2017 Miss New York Teen competition and her proud mum shared some photos on social media.

The competition held over the weekend and Tessa was one of the finalists.

See her photos below!

Why Do Our Young Women Now Dress In A Shocking Manner? - Photo

Can you allow your woman, daughter or sister to dress in such an outfit for the world to see? lets discuss

This Lady Reveals To Lillian Esoro That She Has Been Having S£x With Ubi Franklin - Photo

So,  actress Lilian Esoro put up a post on Instagram,  and this girl dropped the comment below.

Is she just seeking attention?

Tuface Baby Mama, Sunmbo Adeoye Expecting The First Child With Her Pastor Husband - Photos

As Sunmbo Adeoye celebrated her first child Nino Idibia‘s birthday today, she also announced she’s expecting her third child, the first with her husband, Pastor David Adeoye.

#FLASHBACK Do you understand the integrity of our God? He said In Exodus 23:26 …and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span”. Wow! That’s an assurance we can count on. So this goes to encourage anyone who has suffered any loss , hang in there and trust God absolutely. Has He said it, will He not do it? If it’s delayed, it’s because God wants to come BIG. Wait for it.

Here’s the loving message for her son, Nino Idibia.

Adakole, my special treasure. Born again, Obedient, smart, witty and outstanding. Thank you for making Us proud always. With over 21 medals, Awards and trophy. I couldn’t have asked God for more. You are 11, Just like yesterday. I LOVE YOU SON.

As you grow in wisdom and in stature, the Lord will help you to align with His will over your life and empower you with His Grace. You will not fail, you will not fall. God almighty will cause You to spend your days in plenty, and your life time in prosperity.

Happy Birthday NINOFABULOUS!!! #ninofabulous

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nigerians In London Camp Outside A Railway Station In Solidarity For The IDPs In Nigeria

Nigerians in Diaspora bore the snapping cold weather in London in solidarity for the Internally Displaced Persons IDPs in Nigeria. The Nigerians perched on the outside of the Dockland Light Railway station with placards in order to feel the plights of those suffering in the IDP camps. This was also done to raise funds that will be directly handed to the camp..

Teacher Who Was Impregnated By Her 13yrs Old Pupil Given A 10 Years Jail Term - Photo

A middle school teacher who admitted having 'near-daily sex' with a 13-year-old pupil has been jailed for 10 years. Alexandria Vera, 24, claimed the boy's parents were happy that their son stayed over at her house and even approved of her keeping his baby when she fell pregnant by her child lover. The paedophile's relationship with the young lad even extended to the classroom, said a fellow student, who witnessed the boy grabbing the teacher's bottom in front of class-mates. State District Judge Michael McSpadden, jailing the school Miss from Houston, Texas, said: "We want out educators to teach our students.

"We want them to keep their hands off the students."

The judge said the sentence, which was reduced from 30 years after Vera admitted a lesser sex abuse charge, sent out a clear message.

Vera told law enforcers she was impregnated by the boy after meeting him as an eighth grader at her summer school English class in 2015, reports Daily News.

A therapist speaking on Vera's behalf told the court : "I think she was driven by being in love with him."

Investigators said Vera, who had an abortion , had sex with the boy 'near-daily' on an almost 'continuous basis'.

The case made headlines last year after Vera briefly went on the run before turning herself in.

She was released on bail and caused a stir when she was spotted jogging around the running track at the school where she seduced the lad.

Hips Don't Lie: Endowed Lady Displays Hot Curves In New Photos

You might have seen enough curvy ladies last year on the internet or physically, but this lady is a total aberration to the usual.


“What a mumu prayer point” – Daddy Freeze slams Bishop Oyedepo

Yesterday, founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide International aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo was quoted to have said,

“Lord, if it is your will to break up Nigeria, break it now! If Nigeria wakes up, wait for the church to rise. There will be no more nation, what nonsense”.

Now, Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze in his usual manner is clearly not happy with the statement and has blasted the man of God in his latest post on Instagram.

According to Freeze:

‘What a mumu prayer point!
Why do people still take this guy serious?
Isn’t this treason?
If it was Pretty Mike now, they would have arrested him siiiiince

This guy intentionally broke the traffic law just so he can meet this hot FRSC officer (photos)

A Nigerian guy has with the twitter handle @Battletide has said while he was driving he spotted a really hot FRSC Officer and he quickly had to fake a phone call so she will arrest him.

Luckily for him, the plan worked and he was stopped by the FRSC officer. She made him pay a fine of course, and he took pictures with her. The guy said it was all worth it as he somehow collected her phone number.

Follow the thread:




“Sacked Jim Obazee vowed to oust Adeboye” – RCCG Spokesman

Jim Obazee, the sacked executive secretary of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRC), “vowed to remove Enoch Adeboye as general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)”.

According to Segun Adegbiji, the church’s head of media and public relations, Obazee, who willingly resigned as a pastor in RCCG and was “neither suspended nor sacked”, is on a vendetta mission against the general overseer.

“Obazee was a teacher at the School of Disciples, but he voluntarily resigned. Afterwards, he started attending RCCG Province II Parish on Acme Road, Ogba, Lagos. He was neither suspended nor sacked by the church,” Adegbiji said on Thursday during a media parley with journalists at Redemption Camp, Mowe, Ogun state.

“There was no feud between him and the church that I know of, although I can confirm that I heard the story that he vowed to get Pastor Adeboye out.”

Adeboye recently appointed a new national overseer for the church as a result of the corporate governance code stipulating a term of 20 years for heads of not-for-profit organisations, although he remained the worldwide overseer of the church.

Adegbiji further noted that despite the suspension of the FRC law, Adeboye would not reverse his decision to step down.

“If you know Daddy GO (Adeboye) very well, he does not make such an important decision without consulting the Church Council, and most importantly, God. That decision has been made and it does not in any way affect his position as the General Overseer of the RCCG.

“So, there is no need to reverse the decision after the Federal Government has suspended the implementation of the FRC law.

“The RCCG is a fast-growing church and as of the last count, we are in 192 nations of the world and most of these countries have their national or country overseer. So, there is nothing wrong if Nigeria, which also has the blessing of hosting the world headquarters of the RCCG, has its own national overseer.

“However, this does not, in any way, affect the position of the General Overseer as all other national overseers of the church in other countries report to him.

“He has been and he will continue to perform his role without let or hindrance. So, he (Adeboye) has never stepped down as the General Overseer of the RCCG.”

Joshua Obayemi, the new national overseer, was a deputy in charge of finance and a member of governing council in RCCG before his appointment.

Gambia talks fail as president refuses to step down

The Gambia’s President-elect, Adama Barrow, has left the country after talks failed to persuade President Yahya Jammeh to step down.

Nigeria’s president flew to Banjul to try to broker a deal but Mr Jammeh would not relinquish power.

Mr Barrow is now heading to Mali, where he will meet West African leaders attending a summit there.

The former estate agent wants to resolve the transitional deadlock so he can be sworn in next week.
President Jammeh’s term ends on Thursday.

Yahya Jammeh has refused to step down.

The African Union has said it will no longer recognise Mr Jammeh’s rule beyond this point.

Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari had flown to The Gambia’s capital, Banjul, to try to broker a deal, as the region fears the consequences of a non-peaceful transition.

Ecowas, a 15-nation bloc of West African states that organised the delegation, has it said it would consider removing Mr Jammeh using military force if he refuses to step aside.

Mr Barrow is travelling to Mali with the Ecowas delegation for further discussions this weekend.

Mr Jammeh had initially admitted defeat after the December election. But shortly afterwards he called for the result to be annulled.

The 51-year-old leader seized power in the country in 1994 and has been accused of human rights abuses, although he has held regular elections.

Read Full Report on BBC

“We will treat pretty mike’s case as a criminal investigation” – Lagos State Police

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni has said that it will treat Mike Eze-Nwalie, a.k.a Pretty Mike’s case as a criminal investigation.

Recall that the Lagos-based socialite and nightclub owner had for a second time, walked into a wedding venue last weekend with two ladies on a dog leash. An act that sparked outrage on social media.

He was on Wednesday, arrested by operatives of the Lagos State Police Command for what was called a “dehumanising act”, and was also made to sign an undertaking that he will not repeat the act.

The Law Pretty Mike violated

The Police boss, Owoseni said that the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) of Lagos State are also looking into the matter.

The police chief said that the command “will be looking at the story from the angle of criminal investigation” and will keep the public abreast of any development.

Watch the video below:

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