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PHOTOS: Fans Go Gaga For 2Baba At GloMegaMusicTour Victoria Island, Lagos

Legendary Superstar 2Baba was one of the singers that performed at GloMegaMusicTour at VI,Lagos.He thrilled the audience with an electrifying display of his talents and as usual, he never fails to deliver.

Check out photos from his performance below :

PHOTOS: BEHIND THE SCENE From Davido And Olamide’s Video Shoot In Miami

Nigerian rapper, Olamide a.k.a baddosneh and Entertainment Singer Davido (OBO) pictured together in the video shoot of their unreleased music in Miami.

The two star’s are currently working in the studio together and already shooting the music video.

We hope that the music is a lit.

See More Photos Below;

Jose Mourinho's views About The Allegations Of Tax Evasion (Read Here)

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho has released a statement through his agent Jorge Mendes’ company, Gestifute, insisting that he is “in compliance” with all his tax obligations.

Mourinho also stated that he has not heard anything to the contrary from the Spanish tax authorities.

The former Real Madrid boss has been accused of defrauding tax authorities to the tune of €3.3million by a Spanish regional prosecutor, with a complaint filed on Tuesday.

But the 54-year-old has denied any wrongdoing.

“Jose Mourinho has not received any notification with regards to the news published Tuesday. To this date, neither the Spanish tax authorities, nor the public prosecutor have contacted Jose Mourinho or his advisers who were hired for the inspection process,” a statement on the Gestifute website reads.

“Jose Mourinho, who lived in Spain from June 2010 until May 2013, paid more than €26 million in taxes, with an average tax rate over 41 per cent, and accepted the regularization proposals made by the Spanish tax authorities in 2015 regarding the years of 2011 and 2012 and entered into a settlement agreement regarding 2013.

“The Spanish government in turn, through the tax department, issued a certificate in which it attested that he regularised his position and was in compliance with all his tax obligations.”

Fans React To Kcee As He Claims He’s The First Nigerian Artiste To Shoot A Musical Video With Rolls Royce

The Limpopo master took to his IG page to brag about him being the first Nigeria artiste to successfully shoot a musical video with a Rolls Royce.

It didn’t go well for the him as fans came hard on him


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Northern Group, Calling For Exit Of Igbos, Writes Osinbajo; Asks Him To Allow Biafra Republic

The coalition of northern youth groups that recently gave Igbos resident in Northern Nigeria three months ultimatum to vacate the region has urged Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to allow Biafran secessionists succeed through peaceful means. The group, in an open letter to the acting president, urged him to take “steps to facilitate the actualization of the Biafran nation in line with the principle of self-determination as an integral part of the contemporary customary international law.” The coalition commended Mr. Osinbajo for initiating series of discussions with leaders from the north and southeast. The signatories, however, said they believe the talks would not yield any positive results. The letter, which was signed by five leaders of the group and sent to PREMIUM TIMES on Monday, said the principle of self-determination has, since World War II become a part of the United Nations Charter which states in Article 1(2), that one of the purposes of the UN is “to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples”. “We submit that this protocol envisages that people of any nation have the right to self-determination, and although the Charter did not categorically impose direct legal obligations on member States; it implies that member States allow agitating or minority groups to self-govern as much as possible,” they said.

 Read the full letter below
 June, 19th 2017
 His Excellency,
 Professor Yemi Osinbajo,
 Acting President,
 The Federal Republic of Nigeria,
 Aso Rock Presidential Villa
 Your Excellency,

 On behalf of this coalition and all the peace-loving people of Northern Nigeria, we begin this letter by commending your efforts towards finding a lasting solution to the lingering Igbo-induced crisis that is undoubtedly overheating the polity. We sincerely believe Your Excellency’s good intentions as shown by your prompt and genuine actions towards ensuring peace and stability in holding talks with leaders of the North and the South-East. Though we do not doubt Your Excellency’s bona fide concerns for the peaceful resolution of the crises, we nevertheless have reservations as to the efficacy of this approach in ensuring lasting solutions. Our doubts are informed by the following historical antecedents that have characterized the behavior and conduct of the Igbo in Nigeria and previous efforts at containing them.
 The Igbo of Eastern Nigeria manifested their hatred for Nigeria’s unity barely five years after we gained our independence from the British when on January 15, 1966, their army officers carried out the first-ever mutiny that marked the beginning of a series of crisis which has profoundly altered the course of Nigeria’s history. By that ill-motivated, cowardly and deliberate action, the Igbo killed many northern officers from the rank of lieutenant colonel upwards and also decapitated the Prime Minister and the political leadership of the Northern and Western regions but left the zenith of Igbo leadership at the Federal level and the Eastern region intact. In line with the Igbo plan, General Aguiyi-Ironsi took advantage of the vacuum and, instead of returning power to the remnants of the First Republic government, he appropriated the coup and attempted to consolidate it for his people. Army officers of the Northern Region were eventually compelled to execute a counter-coup on July 29, 1966, following a coordinated series of brazen provocations from the Igbo who taunted northerners on northern streets by mocking the way leaders of the region were slain by the Igbo. This, unfortunately, resulted in mob action which resulted in the death of many Igbos. And when Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon, from the North, took over as Head of State following the counter-coup, the Igbo through Lt. Col. Ojukwu, characteristically refused to recognize Gowon. [Ojukwu] Ojukwu declared the secession of the Igbo people from Nigeria and the formation of the Republic of Biafra on May 30, 1967, resulting in a civil war that led to the tragic deaths of more than 2 million Nigerians. It is important to note here that the Igbo eventually capitulated and conceded defeat in an unconditional surrender, not an armistice, on January 15, 1970, which renders any talk about Biafra at any other time, a repudiation of the terms of that surrender signed by Phillip Effiong and other Biafran leaders.
 In a shot out of the blues, the Igbo have over the last 2 years regrouped and fiercely and openly started discussing Biafra again under Ralph Uwazuruike of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State Of Biafra MASSOB. This was given greater impetus by a more furious Igbo rogue group called the Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu who even operates an illegal radio station spreading hate and war messages across the nation, calling other ethnic groups all sorts of names and threatening them with violent extermination. The activities of the Igbo under Kanu’s IPOB has grown exponentially ranging from ordering people of other regions out of the South East – particularly the Yorubas and Hausa /Fulani from the South West and the North respectively, to open declaration of the amassing of arms and forceful total shutdown of the entire South-East. KANU and IPOB have declared full allegiance to a “Republic of Biafra” and continue to preach hatred and war virtually every day, and not for once did any Igbo leader call them to order. Instead, many of the leaders including Mr. Ike Ekweremadu, the Deputy senate president, the most senior elected Igbo, pay Kanu courtesy calls to prove that he is speaking for the entire Igbo. It is glaring to all that Kanu has serially breached all the terms of his stringent jail conditions in total disregard to the sanctity of our justice system. Even the latest statement by the South-East Governors Forum signed by Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State in a response to the Northern reaction did not condemn Kanu and Uwazuruike but characterized their action as “peaceful”. While all this is going on, neither the Igbo political and cultural leaders nor other regional leaders of the North or West nor the international community or any religious body ever found it necessary to call these renegade groups to order or in the very least admonish their leaders to do so. [Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha] Furthermore, none of the Igbo leaders holding various positions in this government ever disowned IPOB or condemned its operations until lately with Governor Rochas Okorocha’s mild condemnation after the Kaduna Declaration by our Coalition.
 Given the unrepentant antecedents exhibited by the Igbo as highlighted above, we strongly believe that the gruesome picture that the Biafran agitation represents is beyond a few people showcasing to Your Excellency that the Igbo will eventually heed the call for peace and desist from their dangerous campaign against Nigeria. The seed of hate planted in the name of Biafra is evidently so deep that the ongoing interaction between you and the leaders from the South East cannot in our well informed opinion douse or address the underlying deep seated underlying problems. We base our concerns on the following grounds. Despite the fact that the Igbo have been the most accommodated and tolerated of all the ethnic groups of Nigeria, the renewed incessant, spiteful and vile threats and insults on Northern leaders and their people, culture and religions that are the targets of this venomous agitation for Biafra, can hardly be addressed through a series of two hours dialogues. As if to prove this, barely hours after Your Excellency’s meeting with the South-East leaders, the Biafran Igbo openly disowned the leaders and dissociated themselves from the meeting. More disturbingly, Kanu has openly claimed that the Biafran agitators have amassed arms in readiness for a war of secession which is quite conceivable given the fact that since 2009, catches of dangerous weapons routinely smuggled into the country and occasionally intercepted by the Nigerian authorities, were all traced to Igbo sources. The situation continues to be baffling and alarming and therefore unacceptable – especially with the Igbo political and opinion leaders openly legitimizing the violent comments, insults, threats, hate speeches and call to anarchy that the Biafrans led by Nnamdi Kanu are making against the North and the Nigerian state in general. Southeast leaders have instead, enthusiastically given Kanu the platform, patronage and symbolic legitimacy through an ignominious display of homage, reception and open embrace.
 Concerned by the fact that the Biafrans have confessed to arming themselves for a violent breakup, we feel that it is risky for the rest of the country particularly the North to go on pretending that it is safe for us to co-habitate with the Igbos given how deeply they are entrenched in our societies. And since evidently, the Igbos have not been sufficiently humbled by their self-imposed bloody civil violence of 1966, we are strongly concerned that nothing short of granting their Biafran dream will suffice. And since the Igbo have virtually infiltrated every nook and cranny of Northern Nigeria where they have been received with open arms as fellow compatriots, we strongly believe that the region is no longer safe and secure in the light of the unfolding threats and the fact that for a long time, the Igbo have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that in their domain in the South East, Northerners and Westerners are as much as possible disenfranchised from owning any businesses whereas, in Kano alone, they own not less than 100, 000 shops across all the business districts. That since the younger generation of Nigerians makes up for more than 60 percent of the nation’s population, it is our hope that they inherit this country in better shape so that they can build a much better future for themselves and their offsprings in an atmosphere that is devoid of anarchy, hate, suspicion and negativity that characterize the polarized, and clearly irreconcilable differences forced on us by the Biafran Igbos. To make a bad situation even worse, their leaders have continued to show support for this treacherous cause and thus giving credence to our concern that what they say about us is what they truly mean and intend – “Kill everyone in the Zoo” (North). Your Excellency, we cannot afford to discard this as mere mischief as the utterances that caused the terrible Rwandan genocide still resonates in our minds. Lastly, Sir, it is quite impossible to expect that other nationalities would simply stand by and watch while a certain ethnic group perpetrates all the above heinous misconducts that involve threats, call to violence and extermination, insults and songs of war without responding. OUR STAND
 While we unequivocally restate that we are not waging war or calling anyone to violence, we nevertheless are also not willing to continue tolerating the malicious campaign and threats of war that the Igbos have continued to wage against us. Neither can we afford to continue giving the keys to our cities to a people whose utterances, plans and arrangements are clearly geared towards war and anarchy. We, therefore, demand that the only enduring solution to this scourge that is being visited on the nation is complete separation of the states presently agitating for Biafra from the Federal Republic of Nigeria through a peaceful political process by: Taking steps to facilitate the actualization of the Biafran nation in line with the principle of self-determination as an integral part of contemporary customary international law. The principle of self-determination has, since World War II become a part of the United Nations Charter which states in Article 1(2), that one of the purposes of the UN is “to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples. We submit that this protocol envisages that people of any nation have the right to self-determination, and although the Charter did not categorically impose direct legal obligations on member States; it implies that member States allow agitating or minority groups to self-govern as much as possible. This principle of self-determination has since been espoused in two additional treaties: The United Nations Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Article 1 of both international documents promote and protect the right of a people to self-determination. State parties to these international documents are obliged to uphold the primacy and realization of this right as it cements the international legal philosophy that gives a people the right to self-determination. As the Igbo agitations persist and assume threatening dimensions, we submit that there is need to ensure that they are given the opportunity to exercise the right to self-determination as entrenched under the aforementioned international statutes to which Nigeria is a signatory.
 Aware that the right of self-determination in international law is the legal right for a “people” that allows them to attain a certain degree of autonomy from a sovereign state through a legitimate political process, we strongly demand for a referendum to take place in a politically sane atmosphere where all parties will have a democratic voice over their future and the future of the nation. The Igbo from all over the country and in the Diaspora should be advised to converge in their region in the South-East for a plebiscite to be organized and conducted by the United Nations and other regional bodies for them to categorically to decide between remaining part of Nigeria or having their separate country. That government should at the end of the plebiscite implement whatever is agreed and resolved in order to finally put this matter to rest. Lastly, we pray His Excellency to study the references forwarded with this letter dispassionately and decide who is more in the wrong between those who openly pledge allegiance to a country other than Nigeria backing it up with persistent threats of war and those of us whose allegiance remains with the Nigerian state but simply urge that the secessionists be allowed to actualize their dream peacefully throw universally entrenched democratic options.
 Your Excellency, we want to reiterate our high respect for your office and acknowledge the efforts you are making to lower tensions. We assure you, as well-brought up northerners, we listen to the advice and cautions of our elders, and in particular, their concerns that we do not create the impression that any Igbo or any Nigerian will be harmed in the North. We assure you that we will defend the rights of every Nigerian to live in peace and have their rights protected. While we do not see this clamour for Biafra as an issue over which a single drop of blood should be shed, we at the same time, insist that the Igbo be allowed to have their Biafra and for them to vacate our land peacefully so that our dear country Nigeria could finally enjoy lasting peace and stability. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
 Amb. Shettima Yerima
 Joshua Viashman
 Aminu Adam
 Abdul-Azeez Suleiman
 Nastura Ashir Sharif

Indian actor, Shah Rukh Khan, buys South African cricket team

Indian movie star Shah Rukh Khan added a third Twenty20 franchise team to his collection when he was named as one of the owners in the new eight-team South African Global League on Monday. The Bollywood leading man expanded his established Knight Riders Brand with the purchase of the Cape Town franchise to add to the teams he already owns in Kolkata and Trinidad. There was a further link to the Indian Premier League, the lucrative Twenty20 competition that has sparked similar tournaments in the Caribbean, Australia, Bangladesh and Pakistan too. GMR Sports, the holding company that controls the IPL Delhi Daredevils, purchased the Johannesburg franchise. Two Pakistan Super League owners, Fawad Rana of the Lahore Qalandar and Javed Afridi of the Peshawar Zalmi, have bought franchises in Durban and Benoni respectively. Meanwhile Hong Kong businessman Sushil Kumar bought the Bloemfontein franchise, with Dubai’s Ajay Sethi taking up the Port Elizabeth franchise. Two of the franchises will be South African owned, with businessman Osman Osman now in charge of the Pretoria franchise and Brimstone, an investment company, now having the Stellenbosch franchise as part of its portfolio. Shah himself was not present at the launch in London, a location that meant the South Africa marquee players attached to each of the eight teams could attend, with the Proteas currently on tour in England. “We are thrilled by the international mix of owners and the passion and excitement that was clearly demonstrated during the bidding process by them and the marquee players,” said Cricket South Africa chief executive Haroon Lorgat. The South Africa marquee players are Hashim Amla (Durban), Quinton de Kock (Benoni), AB de Villiers (Pretoria), Faf du Plessis (Stellenbosch), JP Duminy (Cape Town), David Miller (Bloemfontein), Kagiso Rabada (Johannesburg) and Imran Tahir (Port Elizabeth). Meanwhile the likes of South Africa-born England batsman Kevin Pietersen and former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum are also set to be two of the eight ‘international marquee’ players involved. They, together with the current England ‘white-ball’ captain Eoin Morgan and fellow batsman Jason Roy, as well as Dwayne Bravo, Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard (all West Indies) plus Sri Lanka paceman Lasith Malinga are all set to enter into a mini-draft with the highest bidding franchise owner having first pick and the rest following the same process. McCullum caused an unintentional moment of humour at the launch when he described himself as a “T20 mercenary”, with event host Alan Wilkins, the cricket broadcaster, jumping in to say “ambassador”. The November-December timeframe for the tournament means leading Australian players are likely to be unavailable because of a clash with their home season, although that could change if there’s no resolution to their bitter pay dispute with Cricket Australia. No India players are expected to take part either but more than 400 cricketers have registered their interest, with a draft scheduled for August. AFP

BREAKING: Court orders remand of Suswam in prison

A Federal High Court in Abuja on Monday ordered a former Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam, and two of his former aides, to be remanded in Kuje Prisons, Abuja. Justice Gabriel Kolawole made the remand order after the three defendants were arraigned on 32 counts of diversion of a total sum of N9.79bn meant for Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme. Although the judge granted each of the three defendants bail in the sum of N250m, among other conditions, he ordered that they be remanded in prison pending when the Deputy Chief Registrar, Litigation, of the Federal High Court, Abuja would inform the court that the bail conditions had been met. The prosecution alleged in the 32 counts preferred against the three defendants that the total sum of N9,791,602,453.8 was meant for the SURE-P scheme and a small fraction of it for police reform. The money was allegedly diverted by the defendants between 2012 and 2015 while Suswam was the governor of the state. The SURE-P scheme was set up by the then President Goodluck Jonathan administration following the part removal of fuel subsidy in 2012. Suswam and his his co-defendants pleaded not guilty to all the 32 counts when read to them before Justice Kolawole. Details later.

If your vagina itches a lot, here are probable reasons

Vagina itching that just won’t go away is uncomfortable to talk about, and even more uncomfortable to deal with. But before you assume you’re dealing with yeast infection symptoms (which is likely, but not certain), it’s important to know the symptoms of other common conditions and talk to a doctor.
 Here, a gynecologist, Dr. Mae Borchardt, explains it all…

 • Vaginal itching that just won’t go away could be something as innocuous as irritation from a dull razor or something that requires immediate treatment — such as a sexually transmitted disease.

 • It’s important to rule out more serious causes — for instance, vaginal itching may be caused by trichomoniasis, a common STD that requires a powerful antibiotic to treat.

 • In rare cases, itching accompanied by a non-healing ulcer may be a sign of vulvar cancer.

 • Lifestyle factors may be responsible for vagina itching. When you’re dealing with external itching on the vulva — not internal itching that stretches into the vagina — it may be dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin caused by dull razors, tight pants, or sweaty workout clothes.

 • Itching can be caused by sex. If you recently tried a new lubricant with your partner (or you aren’t using enough), it may cause vaginal itching and discomfort. This is because many lubricants have alcohol in them, which can be very irritating to the vaginal area; while having intercourse without adequate lubrication can also cause a lot of friction, leading to vagina irritation.

 • You may be allergic to latex, which is found in the main types of condoms.

 • Itching may be caused by menopause. The lower oestrogen levels you experience as you approach menopause can actually change the pH balance of your vagina, causing the vaginal walls to thin and dry — a condition called vaginal atrophy. Oestrogen decreases throughout your lifetime, but it can cause symptoms including itching, irritation, and painful intercourse.

 • Itching can be caused by hygiene products. The wrong soap can get you scratching. In any case, the vagina is self-cleaning, and you don’t have to clean it with soap. Water alone would do.

 • Bacterial vaginosis can cause itching. This is a very common infection, and occurs when an overgrowth of the vagina’s naturally occurring bacteria causes inflammation. Although it can affect women of any age, women of reproductive age are most likely to contract it, and frequent douching and unprotected sex increase your risk. The bottom line: See your doctor if you notice an unpleasant odour or if your vaginal itch becomes prolonged or unbearable.

Rape victim slashes attackers manhood with razor

A rape victim in Katsina state has slashed the manhood of her attacker with a razor blade while attempting to free herself from his grips. The attacker, Bishir Yau, 30 years of Yargase village in Kankara local government area of the state has also been arraigned before a Katsina senior magistrate court on a rape charge, contrary to section 283 of Penal Code law. Police told the court on Monday during Bishir’s arraignment that sometime last month, he allegedly lured the victim( Abasiya Tukur),14 years who is residing in the same house with him, into a nearby uncompleted building, and “forcefully had unlawful sexual intercourse with her.” The police, through the First Information Report with number; KT/741X/17 , read in court for Bishir’s hearing, added: “On struggling to get herself from him, She (the victim) brought out a razor blade and cut his penis.” Police Prosecutor, Inspector Kabir Mohammed told the court “It is a case of rape for mention,’’ before pleading that the case be adjourned to another date for mention, revealing that investigation was still in progress on the case. Hajiya Fadile Dikko of the magistrate court adjourned the case to 19, July 2017, for mention, directing that Bishir be remanded in police custody till then. She said, “This court will not ask you whether the allegation read and explained to you is true or false as the offence of rape is only triable by the High Court. After police investigation, your case file would be taken to Ministry of Justice for legal advice. If a prima facie case is established against you, then you will be tried at the high court.” Meanwhile, a sixteen-year-old boy, (Abdulmalik Yau ) of Durbi Ta Kusheyi village in the Mani local government Area has allegedly impregnated a fourteen-year-old girl, (Amina Ahmad) after allegedly raping her. The boy and the girl are residing in the same house while the incident was reported to the police by the girl’s father, Murtala Lawal. The boy has however been remanded at the Childrens’ Remand Home on the orders of Hajiya Dikko who directed that he should be kept there till 20, July 2017 when his case would come up before her for mention.

The pros and cons of eating corn

Good source of antioxidants 
 Corn is a high-antioxidant food. The different color varieties of corn kernels signify various types of phytonutrient combinations and nutritional values of corn. The most popular type, yellow corn, is particularly a good source of carotenoid antioxidants, especially lutein and zeaxanthin. Other types of corn supply antioxidants such as anthocyanins, protocatechuic acid and hydroxybenzoic acid, beta-carotene, caffeic acid, and ferulic acid.

 High in fibre 
 Like all vegetables and whole plant foods, corn is a food that provides a nice dose of filling fibre, with about 4.5 grammes of fibre per cup of kernels. It has a high ratio of insoluble-to-soluble fibre, which means it has various beneficial effects on the digestive system. Insoluble fibre is the type that moves throughout the digestive system unabsorbed and metabolised, which is how it helps us go to the bathroom! And certain types of fibre, especially soluble fiber, reach the lower part of our large intestines where they are metabolised by intestinal bacteria and turned into short chain fatty acids. This is beneficial for supporting the”good bacteria” in your gut and creating a healthy microbiome.

 Slowly digested source of carbohydrates
 Corn is high in starch, which is a type of complex carbohydrate that supports steady energy levels. Unlike refined carbohydrates, which zap us of energy and aren’t filling for long, foods high in starch and fibre are beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels because the fibre slows down the rate at which glucose (sugar) is released into the bloodstream. Aside from supplying fibre, corn also has a decent amount of protein for a vegetable, with five to six grammes per ear. Fibre and protein together help fill us up better than carbohydrates alone because they stabilise the passage of food through our digestive tract and help prevent drastic blood sugar fluctuations. Plus, protein foods have their own list of benefits.

Scenarios to avoid eating corn

Corn is the second most genetically modified ingredient in the world (second to soy).If you’re not familiar with the facts on GMOs, they’re exactly what their name implies: organisms that have been altered genetically. In the case of GMO corn, the actual corn seeds are modified in a lab before being planted, with the intention of making them resistant to predators like weeds, insects and rodents. Essentially, the purpose of GMOs is to create crops that have built-in defense mechanisms against things that normally threaten them. While for some years there were questions as to whether or not GMO foods were actually harmful, today GMO foods are linked to tumours, allergies and even earlier death. A 2009 analysis published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences revealed that when mice were fed three different strains of GMO corn, they experienced negative reactions in their kidneys, liver and detoxifying organs. The GMO corn consumption also had noticeable effects on their heart function, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system, all of which were considered a direct result of metabolic changes due to the GMO seed intake and signs of “hepatorenal toxicity,” according to the researchers.

When it’s found in other forms of processed foods
  GMO corn is used to make dozens of different ingredients added to packaged, processed foods. Before you buy any food product, always read the entire food label to make sure the product is safe and generally free from anything you can’t pronounce. Also, remember that food manufacturers change ingredients in packaged foods all the time as well as preparation methods, so even things you wouldn’t suspect have GMO corn ingredients in them still might.

Muslims lend Christians hijab to escape Isis attack

Muslims in The Philipines are providing assistance to Christians to escape Isis attack. According to reports, Muslims in Marawi are lending female Christains hijabs to disguise out of the city. There are about 1,500 of them trapped in the besieged Filipino city. It is said that 100 people escaped on foot while others have swum across the river. Head of the psychosocial therapy team, Dr Gioia Ancheta said, “Some of the stories that stuck were Muslims helping protect Christian workers by letting them borrow a hijab” Some many civilians face starvation, being held as human shields and are also under attack from bombing assaults by the military who are trying to expel the jihadists. Reports state that some local residents are so hungry they had “started to eat their blankets”, according to local politician Zia Alonto Adiong, who is managing the relief and rescue efforts. “Some residents are eating (cardboard) boxes. They just dip it in water to soften the material and eat it,” he said. Islamic militants stormed Marawi three weeks ago, leaving 290 people dead, including 205 Isis fighters, 58 soldiers and 26 civilians. Mr Adiong said that residents reported seeing terrible carnage left by the fighting. “Dead bodies, at least 100, scattered around the encounter area,” he said. US troops are located close to Marawi City but are not actively fighting Isis insurgents, a Philippines military spokesman said. Brigadier General Restituto Padilla at a news conference said, “There are some US personnel who are operating equipment to provide information on situation awareness to our troops,” Brigadier General Restituto Padilla told a news conference. “I do not know the exact number and the specific mission. They are allowed to carry rifles for self-defence. But they are not allowed to fight, they only provide support.”

Ondo disburses N230m bursary to 5,216 students

The Ondo State government has disbursed a sum of N230m as bursary and scholarships to students of the state. Specifically, the beneficiaries of the money, which was disbursed through the Oil Producing Area Development Commission were students from Ilaje and Ese Odo Local Government Areas of the state. Speaking on the gesture, the Chairman of the OSOPADEC, Mr. Gbenga Edema disclosed that no fewer than 5,216 students from the mandate areas benefited from the bursary and scholarship scheme. According to him, out of the beneficiaries students, 33 are Ph.D. students, 96 are from the masters’ category while the rest are undergraduate students studying in different tertiary institutions in the country. Giving the breakdown, Edema said each of the Ph.D. students got N150,000, Masters and Law students, N150,000 while undergraduate students got N40,000 each. Edema said the commission was also planning to make the P.hD category full scholarship while the number of students benefiting from the scholarship scheme would be increased while the amount earmarked for the scheme would also be increased to encourage academic hard work among the students. The chairman, however, said some of the beneficiary students must have graduated because the immediate past government allegedly failed to redeem its pledge to release the bursary and scholarship funds for the benefiting students. He noted that the current bursary was supposed to he been distributed to the beneficiaries in 2015 but the then government allegedly failed to disburse it. The wife of the state governor, Mrs. Betty Akeredolu who distributed the cheques to the benefiting students urged them to use the money to better their education and contribute to the development of their areas.

Teenage girl gang-raped by six men, thrown off moving train

Police said on Monday that a 16-year-old girl was gang-raped and apparently thrown out of a moving train. The incident happened in the eastern state of Bihar in India. Regional police chief Ashok Kumar said that the teenager was abducted near her home in Lakhisarai district by a group of six youths on Friday Kumar said she was sexually assaulted at an isolated spot before she was forced into a train at a local station and found hours later on the tracks, injured and unconscious. The girl’s family said she had been thrown off the train, a claim that police said it was investigating. “The girl is being treated for serious injuries. We have arrested one of the suspects, a boy, in the case. Results of medial tests to confirm sexual assault are being awaited,” Kumar said. Local media reports said the teen was in a critical condition and fighting for her life at a government hospital where she was being treated. Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, promised strong action against the accused. Sexual violence has been a focus of public attention in India since the fatal gang rape of a student on a bus in New Delhi in December 2012. Activists say little has changed in attitude towards sexual assault, and attacks on women continue unabated.

BREAKING: Justice Abang dismisses Metuh’s application for stay of proceedings

The trial of a former National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Olisa Metuh, which has been on suspension for about six months is to resume Tuesday before a Federal High Court in Abuja. Justice Okon Abang on Monday fixed Tuesday for continuation of the trial after dismissing Metuh’s application for stay of proceedings in obedience to the June 9, 2017, ruling of the Supreme Court. The judge, also in a separate ruling, dismissed another application seeking the release of the Metuh’s passport which is in the court’s custody. The trial had been put on hold due to interlocutory applications by the defence since December 16, 2016, when Metuh called his sixth witness. But ordering the resumption of trial on Tuesday, Justice Abang ruled, “The coast is now clear for the resumption of the trial that was suspended to abide the outcome of the application dated March 17, 2017. The application has been dismissed. “In the light of this, the matter is adjourned until 1 pm on June 20, 2017, for further hearing of the first defendant’s case.” The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is prosecuting Metuh and his company, Destra Investments Limited, before Justice Okon Abang at the Federal High Court in Abuja on seven counts of fraud and money laundering charges. The alleged offences involved the sums of $2m and N400m which the defendants allegedly received unjustifiably from the Office of the National Security Adviser in 2014 allegedly to fund the PDP’s 2015 presidential campaign. In his first ruling delivered Monday, Justice Abang dismissed an application by Metuh seeking an order of stay of proceedings in the trial. The ruling followed the June 9, 2017, decision of the Supreme Court dismissing a similar application by Metuh. The apex court, had in the said ruling, validated section 306 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 which prohibits courts from entertaining such application for stay of proceedings. Although Metuh had in his application dated March 17, 2017, only specifically asked the court to await and adjourn until after June 9, 2017, the date the Supreme Court had scheduled for its ruling, Justice Abang in his ruling on Monday said the application amounted to asking for a stay of proceedings. “In my view, the application for an adjournment of further trial to abide the occurrence of an event in future is seeking to stay proceedings,” Justice Abang ruled. Dismissing the application in line with the June 9, 2017,decision of the Supreme Court, Justice Abang ruled, “By virtue of section 306 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 this court has no power to stay proceedings in a criminal trial.” In the second ruling, Justice Abang also dismissed an application filed by counsel for Destra Investment Limited’s lawyer, Tochukwu Onwugbufor (SAN), asking the court to release Metuh’s passport to enable him (Metuh) to travel to the United Kingdom for medical treatment for a period of five weeks. Justice Abang, in dismissing the application said he lacked jurisdiction to reopen the issue having heard parties and a considered ruling delivered on it on May 25, 2016.

culled from punch ng article by Ade Adesomoju,

Four minors slit 16-year-old’s throat for dating friend’s cousin

Four minors have brutally murdered 16-year-old Jatin for refusing to call off his relationship with his friend’s cousin despite repeated threats in outer Delhi’s Kanjhawala on Friday police have said after arresting the juveniles. Jatin was found with his throat slit in an abandoned house in Kanjhawala on Friday. He had been tied to a chair using wires and his mouth was taped. The police on Sunday apprehended four boys, aged between 16 and 17, for the murder Explaining the reason for the brutal nature of the murder, Virendra Singh Meena, additional DCP (outer), said that the main killer could not digest that Jatin was in love with his cousin. “It was around two months ago that one of the accused boys had learnt of the relationship between his sister and Jatin. He had threatened Jatin many times to part ways with his sister. He had even warned his sister, but the couple did not break up,” said Meena. So, the girl’s 16-year-old brother roped in three of his juvenile friends and they allegedly planned to kill Jatin. They chose his abandoned house to execute the crime before they lured Jatin from a public park where he had gone for his usual evening jogging. Hindustimes reports that once they reached the abandoned house, the five first had marijuana together, said Meena. They then verbally abused him and informed him that he was going to be killed for ignoring their warnings. Jatin pleaded with them to spare him, but they taped his mouth, tied him to a chair and slit his throat. Leaving him there to bleed to death, the alleged killers visited a minor friend in the neighbourhood and told him about the murder. The boys wanted to escape and needed money. But the friend, who happened to be the son of an assistant sub-inspector, denied any help and told his father about the crime. The policeman immediately informed the Kanjhawala police station about the murder after which a team reached the house. Jatin had already bled to death by then. Since police already knew the identity of the killers, they approached the family members of the suspects. One of the killers contacted his family for help with their escape plan. That gave away his location and led to the apprehension of the four boys.

Beyonce and her twins still in hospital due to a “minor issue”

We brought you reports about the birth of Beyonce Twins’ earlier today, now TMZ is reporting that the star singer is still in the hospital due to a “minor issue”.

According to the media house, this news was revealed to them by a source close to the family who claimed that the twins were born on Monday in a Los Angeles hospital. The source added that the doctors discovered the ‘minor issue’ after birth and do not feel comfortable releasing this babies now.

The nature of the alleged ‘minor issue’ is yet to be made public. However, the source added that the mother is doing fine.
This news comes hours after sources revealed to US Magazine yesterday that the Knowles-Carter has grown by two, confirming speculations by fans days ago after they spotted Jay Z and Blue Ivy at an LA hospital.

We can’t wait for positive news about the babies!

TBoss settles misunderstanding with Kemen

Big Brother Naija 2017 contestants, Tokunbo Idowu aka TBoss and Ekemini Ekerette aka Kemen, have finally reconciled.

The peace meeting was organized by journalist, Azuka Ogujiuba and Charles Opaleke, a night club owner in Abuja, and it of course brought an end to the lingering quarrel between the duo who were both housemates in the last edition of the Big Brother Naija.

They had not spoken to each other since they all returned from South Africa, where the reality show took place.
While in the Big Brother House, Kemen was alleged to have attempted to assault Kemen sexually and was disqualified from the show.

Returning to Nigeria, Tboss had granted an interview to Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and declared she would never talk to Kemen again!

She said in the TV programme ‘Rubbin Minds,”

“I considered Kemen a friend. He was my go-to guy. He was my buddy, my muscle. He encouraged me. He motivated me. So for what happened to have happened considering all the people that look up to me, it was sad. I was angry.
I was humiliated and I did feel violated but I don’t play the victim card. I honestly think that the decision that Big Brother took was the only decision that could have been taken. And everything that Kemen has to say about that, na him get him mouth, e fit use am talk wetin him wan talk but he knows and we know.”

Asked if she had seen Kemen after Big Brother House and pretty Tboss said,

“I have seen him a few times but I really don’t want to talk to him because honestly the day you (Ebuka) came into the house with Karen, I was thinking what would happen if I see Kemen because I thought there would be a party after then. I just wanted to slap him. I think I even said that but then I came out and I said you know what everyone can make mistake because I am an attractive person but then, I come out and I hear the interviews he has given, today he makes an apology and then tomorrow he comes out to say TBoss knows what happened and that if there was no N25 million involved, hopefully she would tell the truth. What truth are you talking about? You are contradicting yourself. And then you are calling me? He has called me like over 15-20 times but I don’t want to speak to him. I am not ready because if I talk, I would say the wrong things. I want to calm down.”

However, the peace meeting which took place in the early hours of Monday, June 19, in an Abuja club settled all scores and Tboss was seen in a video talking with Kemen.

The duo spoke for some minutes before taking several pictures together.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

New Music: DYMO - FF

NPR ENTERTAINMENT presents a brand new tune from Onasoga Damilola popularly known as DYMO who is a talented mind capturing vocalist, song writer and entertainer with a great urge for big achievements. His style of music is diversified with a unique African sound and can best be described as a fusion of Afro-Pop, Highlife and a touch of apala.

The track “ FF ” ( Prod. by parpah ) is a certified banger to mime-along that will capture your mind to move to as you will unconsciously sing the chorus in your head.

DYMO hails from the Western part of Nigeria and has the decided to follow paths set by music icons like Ebenezer Obey, Fela, 2face, Wizkid and Asa, to become a recording and performing artist.

DYMO is currently a student of the college of medicine, University of lagos.

Listen, enjoy and share your thoughts.
Signed by: @Dymo_official & @npr_music


Saturday, June 17, 2017

‘One Igbo man is Equal To 500 Hausa Men’ – Rev. Emmanuel Obimma Spits Fire During Crusade (Video)

During his crusade in one of the South-East States, popular cleric, Father Emmanuel Chibuzor Obimma a.k.a t, praised the Igbo people for their industrious and resourceful nature. He described President Muhammadu Buhari as an empty brain saying that one Igbo man is equivalent to five hundred Hausa men.

The cleric went further to tell congregants that the greatest mistake Buhari made was to arrest the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu whom according to him intentionally set a trap for the President.

Father Obimma also talked about the economic hardship the Igbos were subjugated to immediately after the war, and how became greater than they were after the war.

Amber Rose Claims She Has Not Had Any Sweet Action This Year And It Makes Her Sad!

Hard to believe but the 33-year-old model revealed on Instagram on Thursday that she hasn't slept with anyone in 2017

She posted "When the world thinks you have Orgies all day and mad dudes because ur sexually confident and body positive but really you're a full-time mom/ businesswoman and literally have no time for peen ,"
Rose captioned a meme​ that read, "When it's six months into 2017 and you still haven't been f**ked yet." "#hoeislife tho ."

Construction: Apapa road to be shut for one-year

A section of the Apapa Wharf will be shut down for one-year to enable its construction. The Minister of Works, Babatunde Fashola, said this at the official signing of Memorandum of Understanding and handing over of the project to the sponsors. The N4.34bn project is jointly sponsored by Dangote, Flour Mills companies and Federal Government. The two kilometres road construction between the Nigerian Port Authority and end of the bridge is expected to take one-year starting from Saturday. He explained that the use of AG Dangote for the construction was to give the road a better outlook with the use of concrete.

According to the minister, the construction is to resolve the challenges usually encountered on the road. While commending the sponsors of the project, the minister appealed to road users and stakeholders to persevere. He said, “We are embarking on what will be the final solution to the massive inconvenience. Businesses and residents in Apapa and its environment have had to endure for a couple of years. “I like to acknowledge the leadership role of Dangote and Flour Mills who are operators and have also contributed to make this reality. They are doing this as a total Corporate Responsibility without asking for tax holiday or reduction. We are also working on how to ensure free access to Tin Can Island. “From today that we are handing over the project, the road will take one year to be completed. We need the cooperation of all the stakeholders. There will be some discomfort on the way but we appeal for tolerance and perseverance. It will continue to get better, people should please ensure more to solve the challenge.”

Engr Joseph Makoju from Dangote, said it was co-sponsoring the project to provide an enabling environment for businesses in the area. He said, “This is part of our CSR. Businesses have to engage the community where they operate. Today’s CSR has gone to a higher level where we find ourselves embarking on a major infrastructural project,” he added. The Managing Director of Flour Mills, Paul Gbededo, urged the Federal Government to place priority on repairing other sections of Apapa. He also sought the cooperation of other stakeholders and road users during the construction period. He said, “Apapa has become a very difficult place to work. With this project that the Federal Government has allowed to embark on, it will give succour to business. It has the biggest port in Nigeria and should not be taken with levity.”

Six things your body undergoes when you kiss a new person

Kissing someone for the first time may be tricky and fraught with nervousness. It may also not be enjoyable, but scientists say despite everything, there’s a lot involved than you may realise. The following are some of the things that happen to your body each time you kiss someone for the first time:

• Sense of smell activate. Scientists say the lips have nerve endings that become stimulated upon kissing, leading to the activation of additional senses such as smell.

 • You de-stress: Instead of taking to drinks in order to de-stress, a study cited on NBC found that a mere 15-minute kissing session can dramatically decrease your level of the stress hormone, cortisol. You can also experience a rise in oxytocin, the brain’s feel-good chemical.

• It helps fight cholesterol: Kissing can have a positive impact on your blood lipid levels, according to researchers at the Western Journal of Communication. They say that romantic kissing can decrease serum cholesterol and increase overall relationship satisfaction for couples.

 • Kissing helps you ascertain how smart your partner is: Sloppy kisses enable you to assess if the person you’re kissing is a potential mate, according to research conducted by Oxford University. The scientists say the chemical makeup of saliva helps your body decide if the person you’re kissing would produce strong offspring.

 • You experience an adrenaline rush: When you kiss someone for the first time, your body will release a burst of adrenaline (the fight-or-flight chemical) which increases your heart rate, boosts your energy levels and gets the blood flowing.

• Plenty happy chemicals produced: It’s not just adrenaline and oxytocin which your body produces. Other chemicals come flooding in too, making you feel happy afterwards. A Harvard professor of psychology, Justin Lehmiller, say when you kiss, your brain is flooded with dopamine — the very same chemical that is released when you do those things that you enjoy doing a lot

Seven things men expect during first time sex with women

For those who are embarking on a sexy, new relationship and eager to make a good first impression, here’s what men say they expect…

 • Be active: Don’t leave it up to him to make all the moves.

 • Don’t stress about your body: Hiding under the covers, insisting the lights are turned out, etc., are huge turn-offs. Even if you don’t have the best shape imaginable, you’re having sex with the man! Unless it’s a one-night-stand, at some point he’s going to have to see you naked. Get it over and done with: let him see everything first time around and you’ll both feel better.

• Don’t stress about his performance: First time sex can be intense and erotic, but it’s also highly charged with expectations. Both of you are nervous and eager for it to go well. Be calm.

 • Mind your reactions: Two things are on the cards if he’s nervous of performing — a lack of erection or premature ejaculation. How you react to either predicts how good sex will be for the two of you in the future. Treat it light-heartedly, don’t make a big deal and let him know it’s normal and you understand, and you’re set for open, honest, communicative sex. Over-react, take it personally or make him feel bad about it and he’ll be even more apprehensive next time around, with disastrous results.

• Let him know you’re enjoying it: He knows women fake it and it’s not that easy to get everything right. So, let him know that you are enjoying it, if really you are! However, don’t patronise him by pretending you like everything he does (unless you do!); but do let him know when he’s doing something particularly well. A moan or ‘ummmm’ will do.

• Save the post-sex emotional fallout for your friends: If he really likes you, he will be in contact within a day or so to organise your next date.

 • Give unforgettable oral sex: it’s not only one of his favourite things, it shows you’re as interested in giving as you are receiving pleasure. The bottom line: The more relaxed you are about the whole thing, the more smitten he’ll be. Be affectionate and shoot a few meaningful looks so he knows it meant something (if indeed it did).

Court Orders Remand Of Reps Member Who Stood Surety For Bail Jumping Former Minister, Jumoke Akinjide

In a 16-paragraph affidavit deposed to by Mr. Danladi Daniel, the EFCC said: "An intelligence report was received sometimes in 2016 that Oloye Jumoke Akinjide and others benefitted from the total sum of N650million gratification received by Mrs. Alison-Madueke from various oil marketers such as Northern Belt Oil and Gas Company, Actus Integrated Investment Limited, Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited and Adesanya Leno Olaitan, which money was kept with Fidelity Bank." Danladi stated further that upon discovery of her involvement in the alleged crime, Mrs. Akinjide was invited to the EFCC office in Lagos on 9 August 2016 and wrote a statement after which Mr. Pategi entered a bail bond of N650million to be forfeited should Ms. Akinjide jump administrative bail.

The EFCC counsel said a 24-count charge bordering on money laundering and conspiracy was brought against her before Justice Ayo Emmanuel of the Federal High Court, Ibadan, in Suit No. FHC/IB/26C/2017. However, Ms. Akinjide refused to turn up in court after more than three proceedings despite the service of the charges on her, a situation that prompted the court to threaten to dismiss the charges if the prosecution fails to produce her at the next adjourned date. Magistrate Botoku adjourned the case to 20 June for the hearing of the bail application.

Charly Boy who recently staged a shirtless protest in the city of Lagos took to Instagram on June 14, 2017, to serenade his sweetheart.

Media personality Charly Boy is down with the blues. The eccentric star has penned a sweet note to his wife, Lady D, and we're getting butterflies.
Charly Boy who recently staged a shirtless protest » in the city of Lagos took to Instagram on June 14, 2017, to serenade his sweetheart.

He wrote, "My Wife,
I trust that our togetherness over the years have taught some people about perseverance, tolerance, discipline and friendship.

Though our marriage has not been a bed of roses like that, but we have managed to stay loyal to one another.

I have been our soldier, protecting this fragile thing called marriage. E no easyooooooooo.
Now we know that marriage isn’t about how compatible couples are but how they deal with their incompatibility. You are one of the things in my life that I got right, my ultimate merit badge, may we never grow old. If no be YOU, Na who. Your Loyal Mugu."

Charly Boy and his wife, Diane have been married for 38 years yet they still act like two lovebirds. The media personality's wife recently dished on what keeps their marriage going. According to her, Charly Boy is romantic, supportive, understanding and sensitive.

I Will Bang You Morning, Afternoon And Night-female Fan Tells Davido

A female fan who goes by the username “Africangift” has shocked many after taking to one of Davido’s post on IG to unashamedly confess hownshe feels for Pop star Davido. The lady commented “You are ma very best boo boo @Davidoofficial, I will f**k morning, after and night my love and boo boo. Only your banana can fall on me”.

Photos: Tears flow as Cheick Tiote’s body arrives in Ivory Coast

Wilfried Bony was among the pallbearers as a coffin containing Cheick Tiote’s body returned back to his native Ivory Coast on Thursday afternoon.
Tiote’s body arrived at Port Bouet airport in Abidjan, the Ivorian capital, after being flown from Beijing where he tragically passed away.
Manchester City forward Bony and other former team-mates of Tiote’s with the Ivory Coast national team carried the casket on their shoulders.
Cheick Tiote’s coffin is carried by his former Ivory Coast team-mates at Port Bouet airport.

Bony wore a t-shirt paying tribute to the late midfielder as he attended the sombre occasion
Bony wore a t-shirt emblazoned with Tiote’s face – which read ‘an elephant never dies’ in reference to the Ivory Coast national team’s nickname.
Former Ivory Coast national team coach Herve Renard was also in attendance along with the president of the Ivorian Football Federation, Augustin Sidy Diallo.
Family members displayed their grief as Tiote’s coffin was carried through the airport, where fans also came to pay their respects.
Tiote’s casket is carried through arrivals at the Port Bouet airport, the largest in the Ivory Coast.

Former Ivory Coast national team manager Herve Renard was also in attendance on Thursday.
Tiote suffered a suspected heart attack on June 5 during a training session with his club Beijing Enterprises and later passed away.
There was a memorial service for him held in Beijing on Tuesday which was attended by his ex-Newcastle team-mate Papiss Cisse, who plays in China with Shandong Luneng.
‘I lived some extraordinary moments with this man and today he’s gone,’ said Cisse at the service as he fought back tears.

A family member shows their grief at the service as mourners turned up to pay their respects.

One fan painted himself in black and white and wore a hat with the message ‘farewell’.

A mural featuring images of Tiote playing for the Ivory Coast was displayed at the airport.

Beijing Enterprises players were also present at that service as they paid their respects to Tiote, who joined them from Newcastle in February.
Sportsmail revealed earlier this week that Beijing Enterprises had no emergency cardiac equipment at their training base which to treat him.
And Manchester United legend Andy Cole questioned whether more can be done to protect players who suffer from heart problems.
Tiote during a training session with Chinese second division side Beijing Enterprises

Papiss Cisse sheds a tear while attending Tiote’s memorial service in Beijing on Tuesday.
‘If someone is only 30 and they pass away, the question that is naturally going to be asked is ‘Why? What’s gone on there? Why has he passed away so early?’, Cole said to BBC Radio Five Live.
‘It’s a strange one. Cheick Tiote hadn’t been in China that long – a few months – so he must have had a medical to complete the transfer. Was nothing picked up in that medical?
‘Is anything actually being done? Is it being looked into? We need to nail it down and get to the bottom of why and what it is.

Bony and Tiote celebrate after winning the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations with the Ivory Coast
‘Because it seems to be happening to more and more professional footballers – fit, strong men.’
Tiote spent seven years at Newcastle and is best remembered for scoring a stunning equaliser in the 4-4 draw against Arsenal in February 2011.
He also featured for Anderlecht, Twente and made 55 appearances for the Ivory Coast senior side, winning the Africa Cup of Nations in 2015.