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Monday, September 26, 2016

Joke Silva Slays In Sheer Black Dress. (Photos)

The gorgeous Nollywood veteran rocked this sheer black dress designed by Nigerian fashion brand, Havilah Davis, to the grand finale of the Project Fame Season 9.

More photos below:





Woman Bewitches Her Husband's Manhood Over Cheating

A Kenyan man is currently suffering trauma after reportedly discovering that his wife bewitched him with a ‘locked peen’ charm over cheating claims.
Victor Wekesa who lives with his family in the Kanduyi, Bungoma county area of the country, claims his wife bewitched him with juju as punishment following his several sex escapades with other women.

As a result, he can no longer get an erection with any other woman, except his wife. When with the 36-year-old is with his wife, he performs perfectly well.

According to Tuko, Wekesa’s wife reportedly left him due to his philandering behaviour and only visits once in a while, during which the two enjoy great sex.
“I miss that woman so much because no other one satisfies me like her. Whenever she visits, I always feel like I am in heaven, we spend the better part of day in bed and only step out to eat, drink or stretch,”
he narrated.
His explanation for this oddity is only 'witchcraft', and he is now seeking a more powerful witch doctor for help.

His efforts to settle down with any other woman has proved futile due to his failing manhood and talks to make his wife unlock him have also failed.
He is now seeking help, warning area residents that witchcraft is real.

Kemi Olunloyo Comes For Linda Ikeji In Caustic ‘Birthday Message’

Linda Ikeji has come under fire once again by Kemi Olunloyo, the self-acclaimed international journalist, few days after she celebrated her 36th birthday where she said her greatest wish is for her to get a husband and start having children.

Olunloyo who has been a scourge in the flesh of Nigerian celebrities with her unbridled attacks on any of them sent a scathing birthday message for Ikeji whom she says has broken many relationships including that of her niece, Adeola Olunloyo who was about to get married to popular On-Air Personality, Dan Foster.

Apart from a rundown of Ikeji’s purported infidelity, Olunloyo also questioned her age, saying she is not 36 but 42 and that it would be hard for her to get a husband and settle down to start a family unless she buys a man.

In an exclusive message Olunloyo sent to Ikeji and made a copy available to Pulseng, she wrote:

‘My Birthday Message to Linda Ikeji’

“Party’s over and everything is back to normal in the Linda Ikeji media office …or is it? Last week, I tweeted things that obsessed Linda Ikeji fans needed to know about me and her warning them to stop comparing me to a blogger as I’m a journalist.

We are NOT in the same league. Most of her fans are illiterates anyway, female college prostitutes and in the 18-25-year-old age range. They think I’m jealous of her each time I expose her. Well, this is MY BIRTHDAY MESSAGE to her.

Dear Linda, I saw your interview on Today’s Woman and your birthday Twitter video. Darling, you are not 36-years-old and there is no reason to fool your fans. Age is nothing but a number. People who meet me think I am 35 when I’m actually 52. I look hat young.

Your life is now catching up with you. There is KARMA now filtering in. Linda, what does it feel like telling a magazine you never got over Dan Foster? How does it feel to be engaged to someone you love and 3 weeks to the wedding it’s canceled, wasting Aso Ebi, Cow money, and even the venue deposit all gone?

This is what you did to my niece Adeola Olunloyo. Some people heard of this already in 2006 (Global Excellence and City People), 2013 on my Panadol headache audio and also in March 2016 in my Pulse TV interview exposing many celebrities including you.

Why do I stress so much on this sad incident? I am constantly watching how your life is going when two people are in love and a ‘model’ ruins their wedding 3 weeks to the day and elderly family members keep asking you what or who a ‘model’ is?

You wrecked so many relationships in your lifetime. Uche Pedro (who forgave you) at Bella Naija vs D’Banj, Deola Olunloyo vs Dan Foster wedding in 2006 and more.

Journalist and professional blogger, Stella Dimoko-Korkus told me every single relationship you wrecked and you know them, but nothing hurts more than ruining my niece’s wedding.

So now you are telling the world that you have blogged so much that you forgot your biological clock is ticking. You are now desperate for ‘regular sex’ like you are some whore. That can be easily achieved on Allen Avenue or as a ‘Madam’ in your Banana mansion.”

“You want a man and a bunch of kids. Karma is now biting you. I’m enjoying my two successful adult children, loving motherhood and single and happy. I don’t need a husband, a husband needs ME! Take my advice, at 42-year-old, I don’t know how you are going to start a family instantly.

You may find a gold digger who wants to spend your money like the Maje Ayida and TeeBillz types. Just ask Toke Makinwa and Tiwa Savage who are now single lovely ladies.

My advice to you, young lady, is not to rush sh*t and accept your mistakes. Deola Olunloyo has moved on; Dan Foster has a lovely family and you are alone, single and desperate telling your friends to introduce you to single guys. I was shocked reading this. Your fans kept silent about your desperation. They are illiterates anyway.

No guy is single in Nigeria these days, Linda. You are gonna be the second, third wife or the mistress. Kneel down and ask God for forgiveness. Give Jennifer Aniston a call for advice and listen to my 2013 audio attached.

Money can buy a Banana, Pear or Strawberry Island mansion but CANNOT buy a husband and kids.

Good luck Linda, you have no blogger awards yet like Uche Pedro, Omojuwa and Ben Kiruthi. Hope you get that MAMA 2016 award and a Happy 42nd birthday!”

Confused Guy Who Is Double Dating Proposes to Two Girls at the Same Time

Just saw this on twitter, read this guy's dilemma. He has been playing two ladies, but the day of reckoning has come. The only people I feel sorry for are the innocent ladies who have being played.

As expected, there were many suggestions but the one i found the most hilarious is this

Seriously though, what should he do?

Ivory Coast's Serge Aurier, a PSG Defender Jailed for Assaulting a Police Officer

Serge Aurier, a controversial Paris Saint-Germain full-back has been sentenced to jail. The footballer was sentenced to two months in prison for violence towards a police officer.
The Ivory Coast international, who was stopped by police in his Porsche Cayenne and asked to take a breath test after leaving a Parisian nightclub, abused and acted violently towards police officers before elbowing an officer in the chest on May 30th. The 23-year-old was also ordered to pay €600 in fines by the Paris correctional tribunal, with a further €1,500 in costs.
 The sentence, which has been described as ‘convertible’ means Aurier is more likely to receive a suspended sentence and perform community service rather than jail time.
 With three Ligue 1 titles to his name, Aurier has appeared five times for the French champions this season and is available for selection for their Champions League match at Ludogorets on Wednesday. Aurier has already confirmed plans to appeal his guilty verdict.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Basketmouth Opens Up On Robbery Incident, Set To Drop His First Movie

Ace Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth has finally spoken up on the robbery incident at his Lekki home.

Speaking with Punch,  Basketmouth says while he would not go into the details of how his family was ambushed that early morning of September 7, he is most grateful that his children did not witness the horror.

“I will rather not talk about the robbery incident because it is in the past now. I just thank God nobody was hurt.” he told Punch, adding, “My kids were asleep throughout the incident so that is something to really thank God for as the trauma would have messed them up for a while.”

The news of the robbery was revealed by Bovi Ugboma, who noted that the family were held at gun point and their valuables stolen.

According to his close friend Bovi, the comedian and his family were ambushed by robbers who stormed their home in the early hours of that day and carted away their valuables.

“He and his family were held at gun point while the sad episode lasted,” Bovi said. “Valuables were taken including the cctv device. A report has been made at the police station. He can’t be reached at the moment but will be back on as soon as possible.”

The sad news came just weeks after Basketmouth’s wife Elsie Okpocha took to her Instagram to hint that they have a new home in a highbrow area of Lagos.

However, the comedian has put this experience behind him.

Speaking about his career, he hinted that he will be dropping his first movie.

“I have had to put my music career to rest for now as I have a lot of projects before me but soon, I will revisit it. Also, I have been working on a movie for a while now, but due to time constraint, I have not been able to start production but I will do so soon though,” he said.

Make Una Leave Patience- Charly Boy

The latest unconfirmed gist heating up the social media is about former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, who is spitting fire on EFCC for freezing her accounts containing about 6.3 billion Naira, claiming that she is being deprived of her right to her hard-earned money.
Yes o, however you wan look am, she worked for that money!
Why are people suddenly upset?
Isn’t it the same Naija people who have been shouting, “bring back our corruption”, since the country slipped into recession?
Dia ris God ooooo!!!
Since 1978 or so, we have been living on corruption money, and hailing the thieves.
Haba Naija, I tire for una.
Abegi make we hear word and make we read something useful on this social highway. Una dey provoke say dem see billions for Mama Peace account.
And so?
When will we ever learn?
Yes, a country deserves the kind of leadership it gets because those who rule us are from amongst us, they are not from Ghana or Togo. How many times will we let a thief into our house? The first time should be enough. The second time, lets take that as one chance. The third time means we are stupid. If we, the followers are not like our leaders, why haven’t we done anything to stop the looting of our resources??

Countries that don’t have brave youths, prosecutors, fearless judges, good policing and fearless citizens will instead, have plenty of thieves, many killers and even stupid leaders.
Since we have settled for people deceiving people and it has become our way of life let’s roll over and die or accept everything we see that assaults our intelligence and impoverish us.

For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them?

We have been living on corruption money long before now and we didn’t care.
I know that looters will be looted, while time and tide will make most of us mercenaries .
For long, our leaders have used deception and misdirection as their tools. We don’t believe in hard work, when a false face and a good line of bullshit can do so much more.
As for us the masses, we are all waiting for our turn to steal something from some place, Kai, our mumu is vexing me joor.
So how can we effectively create this new dawn when most of us are all guilty.

Now Baba has come to fight corruption, but I can swear that he is alone in this fight. Because most of the people in his kitchen are corrupt. Yes o.
Till there are grave consequences for people who break the law, people who steal public funds, known corrupt people who are till today in leadership positions, nothing will change. This too will come to pass and nothing go happen. Dem go settle, and back to business as usual.
Has anyone one been thrown into prison since this war on corruption started? My people, abegi, make we use our brain.

I just pray that one day one day, there will be no hiding place for people who ruined this country.
For those who took what they didn’t earn, may judgement await them!
It is only from then that things will begin to truly change.
The injustices stink…tufiakwa!!!

I don talk my own sha.
Facebook – CharlyBoy
Instagram and Twitter – @areafada1
Attachments area”

My Girlfriend Is Very Beautiful And Intelligent, But She Bedwets

The man shared his story on an Instagram relationship page, Break_or_Makeup, where he told stunned readers about his girlfriend’s sad habit.

According to him, his girlfriend still wets the bed as old as she is.

He revealed that although she is beautiful and also intelligent, she can’t let go of the habit.

Below is how he told the story:


Beyonce Sang and Kissed Cancer Patient at Her Houston Concert, Photos/Video

Beyonce spotted a cancer patient while performing on stage at her Lemonade tour in Houston, Texas.

She held the girl’s hand while singing and kissed it.

According to reports, the girl came with her family from the hospital and after the show, left back to the hospital.

Watch the video below;

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beylite) on

We Will Bomb Your University Before October 1st - Terrorists Write UI Authorities

There was tension in the University of Ibadan on Friday as a threatening message that purportedly emanated from a group, al-wilayat al-Islamiyya Gharb Afriqiyyah, was circulated among some staff of the institution and on social media platforms.

According to the message, the group threatened to bomb the school before Independence Day on October 1, 2016, saying that students and staff were their targets.

When contacted, The Director of Communication, UI, Olatunji Oladejo, dismissed the threat, saying it was the handiwork of mischievous individuals who wanted to cause commotion in the school.

It was gathered that while some lecturers got the mail through their institutional e-mail addresses, others were copied through social platforms such as Whatsapp.

In the mail, the group described the university as an embarrassment to Nigeria for bringing western education.

It was observed that security arrangement was strengthened at the school gates with scanning devices deployed while stop and search was conducted on everyone entering the school, leading to a gridlock.

The letter read in part, “You people are an embarrassment to Nigeria and are the people that brought in western education to Nigeria. You doomed this nation and in turn you all are going to be doomed. Most of you are going to die before Independence Day. You will not spend the Independence Day in peace, you and your students.

“Detonation will start going from tomorrow till Independence Day and there is nothing you can do as we are among you. Even your little searches at the gate won’t do anything. By the time we are through with you, your government will be sorry.”

Speaking on the alleged threat, Oladejo said like others, he also received the letter, while saying that it had not affected the peace of the school.

He said, “I also got it. Anyone could instigate such thing. Some people could be mischievous. Our international students are having their carnival on the campus and everywhere is peaceful. I attribute it to the handiwork of mischievous individuals and vehemently deny any commotion.”

Police Public Relations Officer of the state police command, Adekunle Ajisebutu, told our correspondent that the command had received information on the threat to lives and property on the campus and had responded appropriately.

He said, “We have received the information. The state Commissioner of Police, Samuel Adegbuyi, working in concert with the other security agencies, has put in place all necessary security arrangement to forestall such an ugly incident.

“We have deployed our intelligence officers to provide adequate security in the school. As it is, it is still a rumour but we don’t want to take things for granted and because of this, we have provided adequate security, not only for the school, but for the people of the state.

“We enjoin members of the public to go about their lawful businesses and to be law-abiding.”

SEE This Major Throwback Photo of Daddy Showkey and 50 Cent

Daddy Showkey shared a major throwback photo of himself with G-unit frontman, 50 Cent, on Instagram today.

He captioned the photo with, “ @50cent and me in the house #throwback #daddyshowkey #showdonshow #asalamamovement #lionclan #ajegunle”

What do you think?

Actress Funke Akindele Goes Makeup Free

Ace Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele took to her instagram page today, September 23, 2016, to shared this lovely makeup free face of herself and fans can’t get enough of her.

The newly married star look very beautiful in new shared photo..

I’m 23 Yrs Old, Not 40 – Nigerian player, Victor Emenayo Reacts To Age Falsification Claim

The Nigerian footballer, Victor Emenayo, who was accused of falsifying his age in Azerbaijan has come out to defend himself that he is not older than he claims. The country’s media had called the forward a ‘cheat’ adding that the 23-yr-old Nigerian player is over 40 years.
The controversy surrounding the real age of Emenayo, who plies his tread with top league club, Shahdagh Qusar FK in Azerbaijan has been over the media in the past few days.

The player, who claims to be 23-years-old looks very much older than the age he carries in his passport.
The striker, who spent some time in Uganda with SC Villa, moved to Azerbaijan last year and was accused of falsifying his age with some journalists saying he is 40-years-old

Emenayo has come out to defend himself by saying he is really 23 years old and has posted a photo of his international passport to backup his claims. He said he did not lie about his age and that he was born in 1993 as stated in his passport.

He added
, “How can anybody claim or ascertain that I am not 23-years-old merely by my looks? My passport says I was born in 1993 and no one can dispute that.
“Are they my parents to say I was not born in the year on my passport?”

Those Who Stole From Nigeria Recruited Militants In The Niger Delta To Fight Us - Buhari

President Buhri today said those who stole Nigeria dry are angry with his government and so have recruited the services of militants in the Niger Delta to fight his government. He said this while addressing a group of Nigerians professionals residing in the US.

Quote“We got into trouble as a country, because we did not save for the rainy day. For example, between 1999 and 2015, when we produced an average of 2.1 million barrels of oil per day, and oil prices stood at an average of $100 per barrel, we did not save, neither did we develop infrastructure. Suddenly, when we came in 2015, oil prices fell to about 30 dollars per barrel. I asked; where are the savings? There were none.Where are the railways? The roads? Power? None. I further asked; what did we do with billions of dollars that we made over the years? They said we bought food. Food with billions of dollars? I did not believe, and still do not believe. In most parts of Nigeria, we eat what we grow. People in the South eat tubers, those in the North eat grains, which they plant, and those constitute over 60 per cent of what we eat. So, where did the billions of dollars go? We did a lot of damage to ourselves by not developing infrastructure when we had the money. Talking of our military, they earned respect serving in places like Burma, Zaire, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra-Leone, and then, suddenly, that same military could no longer secure 14 out of 774 local governments in the country. Insurgents had seized them, calling them some sort of caliphate, and planting their flags there; till we came, and scattered them. We raised the morale of our military, changed the leadership, re-equipped and retrained them; USA, Britain, and some other countries helped us, and today, the pride of our military is restored”he said.

On Boko Haram, he said

Quote“They ran riot, killing innocent people in churches, mosques, markets, schools, motor parks, and so on. And they would then shout Allahu Akbar. But if they truly knew Allah, they would not do such evil. Neither Islam, nor any other religion I know of, advocates hurting the innocent. But they shed innocent blood, killed people in their thousands. Now, we have dealt with that insurgency, and subverted their recruitment base. Those who stole Nigeria dry are not happy. They recruited the militants against us in the Niger Delta, and began to sabotage oil infrastructure. We lose millions of barrels per day, at a time when every dollar we can earn, counts. It is a disgrace that a minimum of 27 states, out of 36 that we have in Nigeria, can’t pay salaries. But I prayed so hard for God to make me President. I ran in 2003, 2007, 2011, and in 2015, He did. And see what I met on ground. But I can’t complain, since I prayed for the job. In the military, I rose from 2nd Lieutenant to Major-General. I was military governor in 1975 over a state that is now six states. I was head of state, got detained for three years, and headed the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), which had N53 billion of that time in Nigerian banks. God has been very good to me, so I can’t complain. If I feel hurt by anybody, I ask God to help me forgive. He has done so much for me. After 16 years of a different party in government, no party will come and have things easy. It’s human. We need quality hands to run Nigeria, and we will utilize them. I will like to welcome you home when it’s time. But I’ll like you to be ready.”he said

BRUTALITY! Police Officers Force Female Prisoners To Clean Floor With Their BumBum(Photos)

Police officers in Zimbabwe have come under intense criticism after they forced two prisoners to mop the floor with their B.uttocks leaving them severely bleeding.

Two female prisoners have revealed how police officers subjected them to barbaric and heartless treatment as they were forced to wipe the floor with their bleeding B.uttocks. The incident happened in Zimbabwe.

According to NewZimbabwe, the women were kicked and head B.utted by martial arts experts and whipped with baton sticks. Throughout the eight-hour torture session, they said, they were called derogatory names and fed with one frozen freezit drink.

The women identified as Esther Mutsigiri and Gladys Musindo who have been released on bail were left with bleeding B.uttocks after the incident.

They were arrested after they were suspected to have taken part in the NERA demonstration last Saturday. They were released on $400 bail each and are currently admitted at Avenues Clinic in Harare. The two spend their time sleeping face down or sideways because of the extent of injuries on their B.uttocks and the unbearable pain.

“I was bundled into the back of a police truck and made to sleep face down; time and again officers would beat me with a baton stick while some stepped on me,” said Mutsigiri, narrating her ordeal to

“They (police) made us sing gospel songs, saying our fate was now in the hands of God. We moved from one area to another as the police chased after and arrested some people; we could not tell where we were coming from or going to for the better part of the day as we were made to lie face down.

“After that, in their drunken stupor, the beating started and went on until I could no longer feel the pain,” said Mutsigiri.

“Some of them only apologised when an ambulance came to pick us, saying it was not their faulty; claiming it was an order from their seniors,” said Musindo.

A woman’s rights pressure group, Justice for Women condemned the act and urged the government and relevant agencies to bring the perpetrators to book.

OUTRAGEOUS!!! Mum Films Herself Teaching Her Son How To Smoke

A mum has sparked outrage after filming her toddler while she taught him how to smoke and laughed about it. In the shocking clip, the tot stands unsteadily in the footwell of a moving car without a seatbelt - and with a cigarette in his mouth.

As his mother and an unidentified man blast loud music and laugh at his efforts, the smiling youngster tries to share the joke

Then a man's hand comes forward to take the lighter and light it up, although he refrains from doing so. But after a few seconds, he pulls a face and takes the cigarette out of his mouth, clearly unhappy with the situation.

“Phyno And Peter Okoye Copied My Hairstyle” – Iceberg Slim Agitates Beef With “Copycats”.

If you don’t know Iceberg Slim, well, I won’t say he’s that prominent with his “music career” but I can tell you that he’s one with cooking beef… You can ask our Chairman, M.I Abaga, who served it to few years back.

In an exclusive interview with Punch Newspaper, the musician, Olusegun Olowokere better known as Iceberg Slim, slammed two of his colleagues, Peter Okoye of Psquare and Phyno, agitating another beef as he accused them of copying his “hairstyle”.

The singer is signed to Tiwa Savage’s ex husband, TeeBillz’ 323 Entertainment. He tells the publication his voice and his hairstyle are the unique features that distinguishes him from other musicians, pleading with them to stop duplicating so that he can have his own brand identity.

He is quoted as saying:

“I don’t sound like anyone else, from my accent to my tone and diction. I try to constantly reinvent my hairstyle, so that I do not look like anyone else either. So far, these two things have been distinguishing factors.
“When I started the MoHawk in Nigeria, I saw the likes of Phyno and Peter (P-Square) replicate it. I later changed my hairstyle and decided to just do one single braid going to the back, now I see X-Busta and a few others have reproduced it, once again. If they weren’t entertainers, this would probably be fine. Well, I’ve changed it yet again! Please, no more copying,” he said.
He went to disclose that he draws his inspiration from notable superstars like Drake, Kanye West and Tuface… lauded the Nigerian music industry, affirming that it has definitely come a long way.

He said:

“I’m honestly impressed at the level of success and global recognition we have achieved thus far. It can only get bigger and better with time.”

VIDEO: Koker – “Give Them”

Following the success of “Kolewerk”, Chocolate City artist Koker is out with a brand new video for his single titled ‘Give Them’ produced by the newly signed Chocolate City artiste-producer, Ckay.

Directed by Director Q on location in London, Koker’s ‘Give Them’ visual is a must watch!

Consume and drop your comments!

Download now

Friday, September 23, 2016

EFCC Arrests Duo Of Internet Fraudsters

Jeremiah aka (jerry), a self styled fashion Director of Datsol Industries Limited for alleged Internet fraud.

While Semilore, 26, engages in Internet love scam, Jeremiah, 29, is a predator on online auction sites.
Semilore while posing as an Afghan based US Army officer with the names Sergeant Shaft Pagan and Perrie Edingson allegedly defrauded unsuspecting ladies. His last victim is one P. J. (full names withheld), a US national from whom he claimed to have obtained about Four million naira (N4m) in tranches and bought himself a car.

Though arrested differently, the suspects have both made confessional statements. Jeremiah confessed to using fake instruments to order goods from China through online auction sites. According to him, he downloads Letters of Credit purportedly issued by Scotia Online Financial Services of Scotia bank worldwide from Google with which he pays for his purchases.

The auctioneers, unaware of his antics often fall victim of his game by shipping the goods to him ahead of confirmation of payment.

Semilore, during interrogation also confessed to have used proceeds of romance scam to sustain a flamboyant lifestyle and bought himself a 2010 Lexus car which he registered in his mother's name.

Operatives recovered several items from the suspects. One laptop, three modems, one iphone  and two Nokia phones, international Passport, forged Union Bank Statement of Account with NUBAN number:10141411389  for Datsol Industries Limited  and an envelope containing several documents were recovered from Jeremiah.

Also, three identity cards bearing different names and biodata,  a 2010 Black Toyota Lexus car with registration number (Lagos) SMK 475 EH, two laptops and one Blackberry Passport phones  were recovered from Semilore.  Several scam mails were also found and retrieved from his laptops.

They will be arraigned in court as soon as investigation is completed.
#scam #fraud #EFCC

Ijaw Youths Slam EFCC says Patience Jonathan Made His Money From Gifts

Ijaw youths have slammed the Federal Government anti corruption agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC over alleged deliberate witch-hunt against former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Dame Patience.

The youths under the auspices of Ijaw ‎Youth Council (IYC) worldwide said it was unfortunate that the EFCC failed to learn from the fallout of the way it handled the case of Tompolo. President of the IYC, Engr. Udengs Eradiri said ‎the commission’s ‎indiscreet media trial of Tompolo led to the crisis in the Niger Delta that plunged the country into the current economic recession. His words, “‎I thought the EFCC by now would have begin to face squarely its jobs of fighting corruption instead of the media charade that is their usual modus operandi. “They have not learned from the Tompolo incident instead of focusing on facts and doing their job following due process they quickly went to the media and that incident has led this country to where we are today.” He also described as “unacceptable and illegal” to place the former first family on media trial without following due process. Dame Patience, he said like most former First Ladies made her money from gifts and gratifications adding that there was no law against such gestures. “First Ladies in Nigeria do not do any work. A woman naturally attracts a lot of gifts from men let alone a First Lady who has the power to recommend you for something. “They receive a lot of thank you and gratifications because most cases they recommend people who come back to thank them. Even when they do not recommend, people go and say good morning with a million dollar. It did not start with Patience Jonathan. “We know how influential the former First Lady of this country and other First Ladies were. We know how powerful, rich and wealthy they are and the property they acquired as a result of gratification. “If you say Patience should show how she made her money, you must start with all the First Ladies, otherwise, it is a witch-hunt. Patience Jonathan got her wealth from thank you and there is nowhere in the law that says we should not receive thank you. “So, EFCC should stop this nonsense. If you have issues, go and follow the due process and don’t begin to use the media to tarnish the image of the former first family,” he said. The former first family, he said, deserved respect adding that the youths would not tolerate further attacks and insults on Jonathan’s family. He said despite the humiliation Jonathan suffered from the wife of late former President Musa Yar’Adua, he never harassed the late President’s family when assumed the leadership of the country. “Jonathan should be respected in Nigeria. You heard what happened during the time of late President Yar’Adua, Jonathan did not witch-hunt that family irrespective of the humiliation he suffered despite the position of the law.

“This is a witch-hunt and the EFCC must stop this attitude because very soon, people will begin to resist them. Nigerians will get to the point where they will no longer accept it. “We support the fight against corruption. All of us know that corruption has eaten deep into our fabric, but this selective fight especially geared towards the region must not be allowed”, Eradir said. He lamented that despite the corruption traced to the former late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha and his family, the government still approved a university for his wife. “It is in this country that they talked about Abacha’s loot, yet a university had been approved for Abacha’s wife. In this same country where they said Abacha was corrupt. So, why are you treating one former first family differently and then everybody wants to humiliate Jonathan’s family in the best of their ability. “The former First Lady, Patience, has no question to answer.. The EFCC is destroying Buhari’s anti-graft policy because when your anti-graft is beginning to show it is one-sided, it will lose credibility,” he said. The IYC boss further asked the EFCC to go return about N23bn, $100million and other assets it seized from the former Governor of the state, late Diepreye Alamieyeseigha. He wondered what the EFCC was still doing with the money when Bayelsa and other states were facing financial difficulties. “Bayelsa State funds are in their hands, they have not returned it. Why are they keeping the funds? Are they meant to keep funds that they recovered. Why is the money not being paid into TSA if they believe they are proceeds of corruption.”

Wow! Meet The World’s Tallest Teenager | You Won’t Believe His Height!! (Photos)

This is Broc Brown – he was born quite big and kept on surprising his folks with the amazing tempo of his growth. According to them, he adds 15 cm every year! And presently his height is 2 meters and 37 cm.

Facts findings have it that most men keep growing till they reach the age of 25, so Broc obviously has plenty of time to add few more cm to his record – he is presently the tallest teenager in the world!

Broc’s condition is medically referred to as Sotos Syndrome – one in every 15,000 people is affected by it. He had to go through thorough medical examination, but doctors found nothing wrong with his health.

See more of his photos below:


“Some Candidates Forget “Expo” In Their Answer Booklets” – WAEC.

In a hurry to submit their answer booklets to invigilators, some candidates forget their expo (materials used for examination malpractice) in the booklets, the West African Examination Council has said.

The council also noted that some other candidates use different answer booklets from its authorised copies.

Its Public Relations Officer, Mr. Demianus Ojijeogu, who confirmed this in an interview with our correspondent, however, added that the council had reduced the incidence of impersonation in its examinations through its biometric registration process.

He said:

“We encounter malpractice during the examination and during marking. Some leave the expo in the answer booklets. We see that all the time. Others use other answer booklets different from the council’s own. But, we discover these things during marking because the booklets do not have our serial numbers and they are not usually signed by the supervisors. Supervisors usually sign the booklets before they are given to the candidates.

“We have been able to handle impersonation through our biometric process but there is still collusion where candidates will copy exactly the same answers usually dictated by a teacher. We have our invigilators but the number is limited. When you leave the centre or before we get there, they will do what they want.”
He added that the council was still dealing with challenges of collusion, which involved teachers aiding candidates during examination.

Ojijeogu, who said that some candidates harassed supervisors, noted that the development had forced the council to adopt a more discreet approach in making announcements regarding examination malpractice.

“We no longer make noise about examination malpractice because examination supervision is a hazardous job. When candidates engage in malpractice, we just take their number and they fill a form. Some of our workers have been held hostage, female supervisors have been harassed. It is a hazardous job,” he added.
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LMAO!!!!!!! 19 Year Old Guy Impregnates Goat In Ghana.

A man in the Atebubu area of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana, has accused a teenager, Yasaa Iba, of allegedly impregnating his goat.

Narrating the bizarre ordeal to kasapafmonline, the owner of the pregnant goat, Kwabena Nindoo revealed that some residents of the area had earlier caught the young Yasaa having sex with the said goat. According to Mr. Nindoo, Yasaa fled before he could be apprehended, leaving behind only his bicycle.

Asked how he established that it was the young man who impregnated his goat, Mr Nindoo said, after the ‘torture’ the goat had been subjected to, he intentionally kept it in a safe place and never saw any goat coming near it until he realized that the animal had taken seed.

Mr Nindoo who was angry about the despicable act has made an official report to the Police and the Chief of the area about the matter.

The Chief and his elders who have taken the issue not lying down have set tomorrow (Friday) to sit on the matter and determine what action will be taken against Yasaa, if he’s found guilty.

MTN Denies Bribing Any Government Official For NCC N1.4tr Fine Reduction

Mobile telecommunications giant, MTN, on Friday categorically denied bribing Chief of Staff Abba Kyari, or any government official for the reduction of the N1.04 trillion fine slammed on the company by the Federal Government.

The Chief Executive Officer of MTN, Ferdi Moolman in a statement said reports going around that it paid N500 million to get the fine reduced are not true.

”MTN Nigeria has no knowledge of this and the allegation is therefore denied.

“The MTN Nigeria fine was ultimately settled with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC),” he said.
The NCC reduced the fine to N330 billion and allowed the company pay till May 31, 2019. SaharaReporters earlier reported that Chief of Staff Abba Kyari allegedly collected N500 million from telecommunications company to help reduce the fine imposed on it by the Federal Government.

According to the online news medium, concrete evidence that the shady activity took place has been presented to the President.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yemi Alade And Trey Songz Eating Jollof Rice

American singer trey songs was seen having fun eating Nigerian jellof rice with Nigerian female super star yemi Alade as both where having fun together

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